The latest Android smartphone "Android One" of about 10,000 yen finally released

In order to exploit emerging markets that are estimated to have 5 billion potential customers in the world, Google has a practical enough specification with a price as low as 10,000 yen and the latest upgrade to Android OS A committed smartphone "Android OneFinally released in India.

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Android One supports Google and manufacturers in both hardware and software so that it can be sold at a low price of around 10,000 yen while installing the latest Android OS for developing newly emerging markets It is a smartphone. Since Android One smartphones sold by each manufacturer are also having the same specifications in general because Google backs up to hardware design and parts procurement.

However, although it is inexpensive, it has an IPS liquid crystal display of around 4.5 inches, a quad-core processor made by MediaTek and 1 GB of memory, has megapixel-class cameras on both the front and rear, the latest Android 4.4 KitKat) adopts the next Android OSAndroid LWe also have the necessary and sufficient performance that can not be thought of with 10,000 yen as we plan to update to.

This time, the first release of Android One was released from Karbonn "Sparkle V". With 4.5 inch IPS liquid crystal (854 x 480), the battery capacity is 1700 mAh and the price is 6399 rupees (about 11 thousand yen)

From Micromax "Canvas A1". With Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), the price is 6499 rupees (about 11, 1400 yen)

"Sold from Spice"Dream Uno"Is the cheapest price of 6299 rupees (about 11,000 yen). All three companies are Indian manufacturers, contents are almost the same except for the main body design.

Sales of Android One started in India from 15th September 2014, and further sales area will be increased in the future. Strategy is largely divided with Google, which is going to actively acquire low-price markets against Apple that competes with high-performance, high-priced smartphones while maintaining brand value, and this strategy difference will be reflected in future smartphones It is interesting to see how it affects the market supremacy.

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