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Haagen-Dazs minicup "Hinata Summer Panna cotta ~ with a pie ~"Will appear in Lawson and Natural Lawson only from May 23, 2017 (Tue). Panna cotta ice cream mixes crispy pie, and on the top it is placing a sunny summer sauce. In addition, the price is 294 yen including tax, it is limited for a limited time.

"" Panasonic cotta in Hinata summer - with a pie "" May 23, 2017 | Haagen Dazs Japan

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

If I time warp and kill my grandfather, I will not be born, so can not I kill him? Can we eliminate the paradox "GIGAZINE

Discovering the existence of a police monitoring car disguised as a Google street view car - GIGAZINE

How far can humans reach in the universe? If you explain with animation in an easy-to-understand manner this is it - GIGAZINE

Topics are poems poem written by Google's artificial intelligence under development - GIGAZINE

SFX scenes of famous movies taken with live action instead of CG 10 scenes - GIGAZINE

Rucksack "Bobby" packed with all features such as anti-splash · blade cut · waterproof · hidden pocket · USB port for charging etc. - GIGAZINE

The identity of that 'transparent floating matter' that emerges in sight and drifts according to your eyes revealed - GIGAZINE

What is innovative technology "continuous liquid interface 3D print" that enables 3D printing at the explosion speed? - GIGAZINE

Finally "Sky F1" Red Bull Air Race will be held for the first time in Japan, reporting the status of the qualifying as quickly - GIGAZINE

Movie in which only "Motown Apple I" existing in the world actually works - GIGAZINE

I continued making dishes such as sushi and fries to utilize raw ham logs - GIGAZINE

Eight strategies that made the company a dramatic change in just three months after Microsoft's new CEO took office - GIGAZINE

I found out what was blurred in Google Street View - GIGAZINE

16-year-old girls are arrested at school by blasting detergent for toilet and aluminum foil and arrested - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Elucidate the state of lap fold of ladybugs | NHK News

Operations ladybug collapse the "Ushirobane" is, to be done under the hard wings called "Sayabane", but you can not originally be seen, of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo group of Kazuya Saito Assistant Professor et al Institute , by porting to Coccinella who lived the "Sayabane" artificial made of a transparent resin, it was the first time succeeded in observation of Ushirobane.

Sleep disorder: "Narcolepsy" Symptom suppression with awakening substance - Mainichi Shimbun

Female flies are ferocious with copulation, attributed to "sexual peptide" 1 English photograph picture international news: AFPBB News

【Science】 Color indication on aluminum surface Riken, microfabrication and wavelength control - Sankei news

The RIKEN team succeeded in providing fine irregularities on the thin film of aluminum and displaying the color of the color. The color does not deteriorate semipermanently, and it can be expected to be applied to parts of optical equipment. It was announced to British scientific journal.

RIKEN's press releaseThis.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
A masochistic male, to the track ... died by train and died: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

A cook cuts and cooks his wife 's body ... Cops "Prank and Misunderstanding", 1 Australia photo International News: AFPBB News

According to the police officer stated in the death cause hearing, the floor of the on-site apartment which he stepped in with his colleague was bloody, said that the man's leg was in the cooking pot.

Australia ABC said that the police officer said, "I thought it was like a mischievous halloween or something, but when I judged the situation comprehensively, I found it was not mischievous," he said It was. The apartment was said to have had a bad smell.

Is it an occupant who finds four unknown Self Defense Force aircraft at the site? | NHK News

【Preparedness for terrorist etc.】 Democratic Progressive Party Reikoshi Tiki Reinforcement · Masayuki Baba Secretary General "Do not Stop Usual Yoshimoto Shogun" Beginning Legislative Deliberation Complete Meeting - Sankei News

Voyeur: arresting a mathematical teacher of sensation leaving a skirt inside image on a smartphone - Mainichi Newspaper

Yamaha to file a lawsuit against JASRAC copyright of classroom performance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Copyright Law stipulates that composers and lyricists will occupy "performance rights" that are played for the purpose of directing and showing to the public directly. The association insisted that "it is not the purpose of letting out the artistic communication for the purpose". JASRAC argues that "with the popular songs, the purpose is to let the students listen their attractiveness as the students taste."

Yamaha filed JASRAC for copyright problem in music classroom! "The whole war has begun" "Yamaha loses Vocalo P annihilation" - Togetter Summary
As of February 2016 "JASRAC vs Music School: Thinking about arguments in case of fighting in the court (Kiyoshi Kurihara) - Individual - Yahoo! News"As far as reading, Yamaha's winning is thin.

Teacher is a counterfeit student card in a concert | News in NHK Capital Region

Lip D Dragging, energy drinks popular and the scream of CM disappeared: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
KEISUI ART STUDIO | diverted parts made with UV resin for work

On the train the left hand was a fishing leather and the man who was playing with the smartphone with his right suddenly "molested! "Talked about the calmly rebuffed thought - Togetter Summary

Reporters who do not want to pay the coverage (autograph) "Then, do you think you should pay money when you borrow the power of others?" - Togetter Summary

An automobile insurance company told me not to compensate for the intention of the perpetrator (record of victims of rear-end accidents with negligence ratio of 10: 0) - diary of freelancer Hanako

Toyosu Market issue Vice Governor and others interview from fisheries businesses | NHK News

Death of Mr. Takahashi Festival over the death of overwork of the University of Tokyo - Todai Newspaper Online

Center test succession proposal, English is private in the number of counties Formula problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liquid sand ... Can you also give a canoe? Fluid bed, expected for application: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Meaning of passive smoking, the LDP's deference to the LDP proposal: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Food poisoning: Female who ate garden plants Mistake as dead wild vegetables - Mainichi Shimbun

【Movie】 Sneak in Lupo, Soviet space shuttle | National Geographic Japan version site

There is no real feeling that the economy got better - the kingdom of the fox

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Sum up with 10,000 smartphones side by side and click on "Like" Darkness of the "Good click farm" is deep "Do you work with this way?" Togetter Summary

【Sad news】 Google engineer "Japanese ignore overseas inventions and develop as a maid in Japan": IT bulletin

Large-scale cyber attack, North Korea involvement or similarity to code Picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Neel Mehta, a researcher at Google, said that as the first clue to locate the attacker, "Wanna Cry" of malware (malicious software) used for this attack and North Korea We released a code showing the similarity with large-scale hacking work widely considered involved.

Large scale cyber attack similar to software used by North Korea hacker group | NHK News

News - "Japan was protected by routers", Trend Micro analyzed by Wanna Cry epidemic: ITpro

Nine of the damage reports in the aggregation period of about 2 days are "not much more than the other malware" (Mr. Okamoto). In Japan, Internet connection via broadband router is the mainstream regardless of company or individual, "There are few cases where terminals that enabled Windows file sharing are released to the Internet than abroad, and it is a deterrent to spread infection Is not that "?

PC spot price turning to DRAM falling: PC parts summary

Use Jode debugger instead of console.log () to debug JS - WPJ

Facing Technical Debt // Speaker Deck

Wrote in Google Apps Script an application that can collaborate with Google Calendar and Slack status with one click - Poetry, creative and thoughtful public

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

CURE MAID CAFE 'WEB | Cure Maid Cafe Web

A collaborative cafe with "Sword Art · Online" is decided to be held during the excitement of the movie version!

The world of unusual "mold devil remodeling" seen in BANDAI Nausicaa's plastic model: supersonic memorandum

This binding is amazing! ~ Manga Binding Grand Prize ~ 2016 【Best 100 + α】 good comic

How inflated the prince of tennis in 18 years? 【Part 2】: Cafe au laita

The story of a cruelly mocked "mystery book" - Togetter Summary

There was a best seller called "Mystery of the Neon Genesis Evangelion" that appeared in the 90's Eva boom, but the contents were too bad to be considered as a consideration. However, similar books are made with various works, it will become one of the genres of the time (now also). It is such an old story.

[Topic] Okami Tezuka, Fujiko Fujio, Akira Toriyama and one other Japanese cartoonist Shitenno king?

RPG that was most interesting with PS 2 software: Game breakout bulletin

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: Nintendo jointly developed with DeNA to release the legend of Zelda in smartphone

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)

Running the jumping base! In the world's most harsh 400 m run, in Sapporo - general sports, tennis, basketball, rugby, amefoot, fighting sports, land: asahi newspaper digital

"The toughest 400 meter run in the world" will be held at Okurayama jumping stadium in Sapporo on the 21st. "Red Bull 400" sponsored by a beverage maker running uprightly from the landing point of the Nordic ski jump to the starting point. What is questioned is leg power that does not yield to a steep slope with maximum slope of 37 degrees and courage that is not afraid of a height of over 130 meters.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Male teacher repeatedly hits a ball to a volley member but posted on Twitter Prefectural High School in Osaka - Livedoor blog

Kobo Hideto's shrill voice which echoes pitch. The center feeling which began to demonstrate also in U-20. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

[Video animation] Tottenham parted to the base of 118 years of use ... a miracle at the final war ceremony!

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NEWS | 【5/17 ~】 supervised by ALOHA TABLE! Hawaiian · French Toast | Sushi (Sushi) · Sushi Rotary Sushi

(PDF file)Sotheby league, "Shake Shack" for sale including Summer Limited Burgers "Pickled Jalapeno Burger"

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