Headline news on May 19, 2017

Popular manga serialized by Professor Haruko Ichikawa at Kodansha "Afternoon"Jewelry countryI decided to make TV animation. In accordance with animationOfficial websiteWhenTwitter accountIt is also open that the animation will start broadcasting in October 2017.

The staff of the animated version "Jewelry Country" is as follows, and the production isorangeI am in charge.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

【Dreadful】 "Chibi Maruko Chan" Otoken and "Black Jack" voice actor of the role of Pinoko · Yuuko Mizutani died - GIGAZINE

Attention to a clever new type of Ransomuwa who requests money with full combo of "fake Windows Update invocation → update failure → call to fake official support" - GIGAZINE

"Waifu2x" that can be expanded to 1.6 times / 2 times with high quality with artificial intelligence complementing 2D images for free - GIGAZINE

What is the contents of the super-discount Chinese smartphone with only 4000 yen? - GIGAZINE

Photo Gallery of Game Boy 's "Pocket Camera" taken in everyday life in New York - GIGAZINE

Why does the baby first say "mama" in any country? - GIGAZINE

"Listerine" "Coagret" "Competition F" was compared to prevent bad breath, plaque and gingivitis - GIGAZINE

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"To defeat the grasshopper to Africa" ​​Stoic too excessive crazy doctor essay - HONZ

Joint announcement: Successfully flowing heat in a specific direction in a solid, collecting it in one point - New options for heat control -

【Movie】 First goat born, Monocular eye disease | National Geographic Japan version site

Ooyo lizard lizard, extinction also declines in poaching after 10 years, drastically decreasing with poaching | National Geographic Japan version site

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Arrested man who escaped from misunderstanding that she was suspected molested | NHK News

Lyric quotation in the expression, copyright fee on Kyoto University website JASRAC: Kyoto Shimbun

In response to the interview of the Kyoto Shimbun, JASRAC explained that "As a general theory, procedures for using music on the web are required." Even if it is not for commercial purposes, posting it on the web with specifications that allow you to print lyrics sometimes requires tens of yen per view.

Kyoto University HP 'Bob Dylan' Copyright Right Claims Report, JASRAC 'Puzzle' and Puzzle - Attorney Dot Com

Suicide mortality rate: Japan is worst 6th worst level in developed countries - Mainichi Newspapers

Takata airbag class action lawsuit, Toyota and other four companies reached 62 billion yen settlement rice photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

"Conspiracy charges" vote in the House of Representatives Committee Forbidden Authority approves, passed: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Constitutional Amendment "A Personal Belief of Prime Minister Abe" Takashi Odashima: Asahi Newspaper Digital

"BBC refuses program exchange with NHK" Information is diffusing Sources also listen, NHK also denies - lawyer dot com

Countries ranked high in the quality of medical services, Japan's top ten missing pictures International News: AFPBB News

Two in Sendai suicide, two teachers talk with mouth punishment adhesive tape: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: Chinese military aircraft, US military aircraft abnormally close to the back flight

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | I bought a pair of scissors for "cute little scissors" like cotwa.

One-half of an adult ceremony, spreading "words of appreciation" children who suffer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

However, some children suffer from these events.

Kozo Garozi (55) of Hamura city council in Tokyo asked at the city council in September 15, "Does not it take into consideration children with complicated family circumstances?" Shortly before that, when I was studying local children at the community hall, I heard the story of a girl with a small five.

My parents divorced and my father living with me was indifferent to my child. In such a state I was told to write a composition of appreciation to my parents for one-half of an adult ceremony from school, I felt "I do not want to lie." Still though I murdered myself about my surrounding eyes and wrote it, but my homeroom teacher read "I am short of appreciation". I was instructed to rewrite twice.

I also needed sentences from parents to children, but my father did not write and asked my grandfather. The girl says, "I did not appreciate anything and there were more painful things, everyone was not a happy family," remembering that time and crying.

LGBT: They are Third Person singularly OK Consideration of Sexual Minority - Mainichi Shimbun

How do you replace single they with Japanese?

"The translated word" he / she "of he and she has established in translation of Western sentences after the Meiji period," a Japanese scholar, Professor Okazaki Tomoko and Toyo University point out. Originally it is a translated word that reused an old word "he / Kana" pointing to distant objects and people (equivalent to "that / that one" of modern language), "she" is a change of "kana" It is said.

There is no distinction between men and women in the ancient word "Kaori", and Mori Ogai also expressed the heroine's Ellis "No" in the novel "Maihime" as "he". Okazaki says, "If you say that person" "that person" "that person" "this person" even in modern times, I can point a specific person regardless of gender. "

Talk of when I asked "Do you have salmon?" At a sushi restaurant not turning - Togetter Summary

The powerful image is powerful but the image is strong, but the story that the "female → man" and "female → female" type power hara are overlooked - Togetter Summary

KEISUI ART STUDIO | DIY · I tried to "Resin Cat".

Print mistakes on about 14 million new round-trip postcards on sale | NHK News

Legoland, receiving criticism, immediately releasing water bowls - Togetter Summary

Baska paintings won over 12 billion yen Japanese businessman | NHK News

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A story that may have become source wear movement | diary of kazekiri | slad

60 days to regain fake JPCERT domain name ~ I tried processing domain name dispute ~

Release of two wide-angle zoom lenses as a new product of 35 mm full size compatible E mount lens | Press Release | Sony

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Added 5 new titles to PS Now from May 19! Flat-rate service 7 days free trial is also underway! | PlayStation.Blog

Check out the new game released this week! (PS4® / PS Vita released from 15th to 18th May) | PlayStation.Blog

Experience the indie game of Nintendo Switch with "BitSummit"! Introducing the Nintendo booth's exhibition title | Topics | Nintendo

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: "Character that broke game balance" ← What came to mind?

Is it the first game you played with Primary Preste? : Game lazy news

34: Wind blowing if nothing 2017/05/19 (Fri) 12: 01: 28.61 ID: LBRtM + / 30
FF 9

Tell me about the game you are planning to buy now: Game breakout breaking news

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【Hikiguchi Shinji's hell's monstrous light line】 Everyone, the movie is a movie theater. AV 100 Years of War and freedom of explosion. Higuchi Tachikawa landing - AV Watch

Takashi Fukunishi, U-20 points of interest other than Kubo. Ace Ogawa, midfield commander, Iwata Ryu commander. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Former Spain delegation representative praised extraordinarily! Why did you nominate Erival's dry to the "best side attacker division" of La Liga? | Football Digest Web

In the 2016-17 season's Riga Espanola edition, one of the six candidates of "Best Side Attacker Division" was chosen by Ebara's dry lady.

All the selectors were former Spain delegates, Alberto Luke (Former Majorca, Deportivo et al. / Present commentator) and Sergio González (former Espanyol, Deportivo and others) who were also members of the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup / Current leader). It seems that the dryness of this season seemed to shine also for the eyes of their leading "pro".

New stadium of Kyoto Sanga finally starts construction in January next year Ayumodoki spawning period avoids construction and game holding Policy: Domestica blog

Gent Yuya Kubo contributes to the victory of 1G2A's success team in the match against Zurte Waregem: Domestica blog

Captain Feyenoord retired from the job "All dreams are realized Now is the right timing": footballnet [Football summary]

3: Mr. Anonymous @ I'm sorry @ Reprint without permission 2017/05/18 (Thurs) 18: 40: 16.31 ID: o6kMXWUh0
> Marked a hat trick in the game against the home-Hercules on the 14th which became the last game of active duty, contributing greatly to 3-1 victory and victory decision.

It is too cool wwwwwww

Added Kashima Stadium to the Tokyo Olympic football venue in 2020 Formally decided after July's IOC Board of Directors: Domestica Blog

New badminton racket series "ALTIUS" released | Mizuno

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Harmony of sweet and sourness that three kinds of berries weave! "Mac Shake Belly Berry Berry" Limited sale from Wednesday, May 24

Father's Day this year, I think that it is a classic sake, deliver a surprise gift called "kitcut of Japanese sake taste". "Kit-cut sake and bitter chocolate set" Started limited edition with specialty shops and Nestle mail order from May 19th (Friday)

Famima former chairman Ueda quasi two release complete memorial "Makedure pull bowl" released! | News Releases | FamilyMart

Released a bakery developed jointly with Akita Prefecture Kinpu Agricultural High School | Lawson

Nanpaku plum used from Wakayama Prefecture "Mitsuya Umeku Gumi" June 19 (Monday) New Release | Asahi Group Food

"Calpis ® Gummi Pineapple" "Tailoring Calpis ® Candy" Monday June 5th! | Asahi group food

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