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In the Kentucky Fried Chicken, a new chicken "Polka Salt Chicken" finished with carefully painted specialty who has roasted salt, onion, black pepper in domestic chicken seasoned with garlic, It will be released on Sunday (Monday). The price is 270 yen including 1 piece tax.

Salt using rock salt The rich taste of a man makes his appetite! "Extreme Salt Chicken Chicken" May 8 New (Monday) New Release - "Koyoku Salt Chicken" Appearance of Kimitani Kimitani in Kimono Appearance TVCM "Ikebana" Hen On Air Starts on Monday, May 8!

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Amazon began selling some popular items for prime members only withdrawing with large bashing - GIGAZINE

The table "Equa Index" which summarizes whether the criteria were cleared by actually driving more than 250 main gasoline cars and diesel cars, and the problem of the current exam which passed even regulation by 10 times is under the white day - GIGAZINE

Computer "WISP" computer that can rewrite program without need for battery & wireless because it generates electricity with received radio waves - GIGAZINE

Dramatic effect can be obtained by repeatedly practicing with purpose - GIGAZINE

Why should not you carry with Apple Watch absolutely? - GIGAZINE

Experimented the mysterious phenomenon that floated aluminum melts, its principle - GIGAZINE

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Mr. Kake Ike recorded at the meeting of the Ministry of Finance, Mori's contract "special case", recorded: Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to Mr. Kake Ike, the opponent is Yoshihiro Tamura of the Treasury Department and General Manager of the Trial Office of the National Property. According to the voice data, Mr. Tamura told Mr. Kagaike "Special case" about the contract of the land which it made lending for the time being rather than the sale. The administrative disposition of state-owned land was set as the authority of the local Finance Bureau and said, "Consultations will come to us as well as special cases."

At the meeting with the Treasury Department, Mr. Kake Ike's name is recorded by: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Toshiba, Changes to Audit Corporation Going through this settlement of accounts New Arrivals and Groove: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Imamura rebuilt the reconstruction minister, hit the regime Great earthquake "Good in Tohoku" - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Mr. Futoshi 2nd Floor "Even if I misunderstand the words, it does not endure until I take off my head": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Possibility of destroying record of Morihiro Gakuen Treasury too early Potential of the Board of Audit points | NHK News

US presidential ordinance or an injunction photograph 1 not accepted subsidy suspension to "sanctuary city" international news: AFPBB News

Students pregnant · childbirth ... arrested men on charges of child prostitution | Nittele NEWS 24

A man working part-time was arrested for prostituting a girls junior high school student I met with Twitter.

Girls high school student ... Seven Employee arrested

The suspects followed him, saying "I smell nice" and said that after licking the ear of high school girls, kissing the head and putting on high school girls to the ticket gates.

To purchase Chinese-made submarine Thai military government "Very cheap than other countries": Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Start receiving pension, choice after 70 years old" To LDP recommendation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Sansei play

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Challenge again for Rutilquarts.

Make polyethylene thick bag thermocompression bonded with a sealer to make it like a crystal shape, cut the material cured appropriately into that mold, pour the UV resin solution and harden it.

Why was Embarrassed Bloomers Forced at Schools in Japan? On the back is the adhesion between educational circles and manufacturers | LITERA

Bloomer 's mystery: and postwar Japan - Catcollection Research Fortress diary @ Hatena

School officials who were carefully attentive to the other axis and the girls junior high school students who had been careful not to let the body line of the female student ever get out of the other side accepted the bloomers of the hips of the thighs, Is it? It is a mystery that this is the effect of leotard of the gymnast at the Tokyo Olympic Games (big handling rather than the small ballet of the ballet player being handled, and as a gym clothes by extension of the habit of wearing two pants from before World War II) Bloomers anyhow, as a girls' skirt underpants, Bloomers pointed out what was already general, not embarrassing because it is not a pant! A theory is stated * 3.

Curator is cancer? Role of the Minister's speech ripples, being asked: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Triumph, "Premium Friday Bra" = attention to consumption expansion: current affairs dot com

Bamboo shoots, why the price of high malfunction price nationwide, farm hitting: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Russian hacker group, cyber attack or 4 pictures on the French Macron camp international news: AFPBB News

【Neglecting humiliation!?】 High school graduate Hikaru will infiltrate the university but will not be opponent! Is it because of the middle school Rafael? - A refreshing diary of Pippipipi

Mercury where cash listing was prohibited, special prizes of pachinko will be sent this time - Togetter Summary

A series of companies withdraw from online shopping malls including Rakuten etc. | Slad IT

42.5-inch large screen IPS 4K monitor "43UD79-B" will be released sequentially nationwide from May 19th (Friday) | Press Release | LG Electronics Japan

Wall and its breakthrough method until introducing machine learning with real task - yasuhisa's blog

Google Developers Japan: Increase user average playing time by 30% and revenue by 25% overall - Optimize user engagement and ad implementation implementation with Firebase

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HIKAKIN: Popular YouTuber is mangaized by "Magazine" The next issue starts with Shacho - chan - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

The value of weak hunting - chomosh's blog

After the game, there is also a "shogejin analysis ticket" that AI can tell the best hand of a specific scene. A person who wants to win the game of shogi by accounting can also help to improve his own skill. It is a billing system that seems to be honestly done, but I was amazed at the last one.

"Strength of opponent" considerably weak "selection right (30 days)"

Originally Shogi Wars can choose the opponent's strength from "account considerably", "slightly strengthen", "auto leave" or "a little weak" from the account setting, but by "paying considerably weak" by charging 600 yen per month You will be able to choose.

No, it is awesome. When I first saw this, I felt like a fighting gamer to disagree on Twitter as much as possible, "Beginner hunting is fucking because it makes the game fade away" or "This game is fucking like a matching system hitting experts" Japanese I felt as if Shogi Federation suddenly skipped a face punch.

Why can not the game develop in 2 to 3 years? : Game lazy news

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: Platinum Games Kamiya "Switch is not complaining so far"

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Cho meathayo! This month's afternoon e-book version "Infinite dwellers" Feature page Takuya Kimura all blacked out - Togetter Summary

Gent Yuya Kubo got in 3 races ... Japan's first European season 20 goals achieved! | Football King

Since joining Gent in this winter, he has mass produced 8 goals and 12 goals. Together with 12 goals from the former Young Boys' age, he achieved 20 points in the European first division league which is the first Japanese to win the season.

V · Furren Nagasaki publishes newspaper advertisement "Shinsei V · Furren Nagasaki starting" Takada Shin President & Takagi Director & Vivi-kun's Three Shots: Domestica Blog

Allegri which threw away the legacy of Conte. What is Yube's "Mad Max Revolution"? - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

Messi who achieved 500 goals of Barça, "good customers" stadium, opponent team, GK etc turned out | Gexaca

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~ Freshly baked with scorching ~ "Pork rose skewer (Kimchi taste)" newly released with pungent and delicious flavor of Kimchidare released | Press Release | MINISTOP

In 2017, halo halo evolves "Mitarashi dumpling" starts halo from Halo Hello Taste Halo Hello second, 5/5 (Friday) | Press Release | MINISTOP

Four consecutive consecutive highest gold medal Monde Selection 2017 The world recognized taste "soft cream vanilla" | Press Release | MINISTOP

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