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From Haagen-Dazs, a limited-time mini cup "Banana Chocolata" will appear all over the country on June 27 (Tuesday).

"Mini Cup" Banana Chocolate "June 27, 2017 | Haagen Dazs Japan

Banana chocolata is a new flavor that you can enjoy a rich flavor of banana sorbent using ripe banana and exquisite harmony of accented chocolate ice cream with a bitter bitterness. It is rich but refreshing aftertaste and it is perfect for eating in a luxurious mood on a hot summer day. The price is 272 yen without tax.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Clinical trial found that Magic Mushroom removes severe depression - GIGAZINE

Shut down the whole country's net to prevent cheating of exam - GIGAZINE

New feature "Samon" which can remotely park Tesla "Model S" with smartphone has appeared, I saw how it actually moves - GIGAZINE

Ten facts not well-known about "muscle" - GIGAZINE

What is the word that Apple's CEO Tim Cook sent to college graduates? - GIGAZINE

Until a German traditional mechanical watch made with human hands and machines is made - GIGAZINE

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Let's participate in overseas interns | Chem-Station (Chemste)

Anyway, because the place I work is a company, I have money. I have all the equipment. Unlike university laboratories, everyone around me is something professional. If you ask me for a moment, I usually know anything about that path and will tell you. Laboratory has not only reaction equipment necessary for synthesis of laboratory scale but also automatic laboratory with jacket with 5-20 liters used in process research and walk-in hume food, etc. It has reaction such as on 1 kg or more scale etc. It is also possible. Although the equipment and methodology to use depends on the content of the research, we can also do research on engineering which conducts process research within an actual pilot plant which can not be done by academic, for example.

Also, consciousness about cost is different from academic. In addition to having to take educational aspects into consideration in college, I feel that the work force is unusual, especially in Japanese universities, and that I often adjust my own rather than buying reagents . Meanwhile, in industrialized countries, personnel expenses account for most of the cost, so the policy of purchasing as much purchase as possible is thorough.

Over 28,000 medical plants worldwide, mostly unused UK Royal Botanical Gardens 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

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From "Editor-in-chief" Weekly Bunshun "to readers | Bunbun online

Addendum plan "There is no option not possible" Cabinet Office date and time record: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Chief Cabinet Secretary Shin Kannoe said at a press conference on the morning of July 17 that the Asahi Shimbun reported on the document "What kind of document is it? It is not clear whether it is creation date, creation department, etc. Usually, I think that it is not such a document. "

According to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry officials created the document obtained by the Asahi Shimbun, "Summary of meeting with the Cabinet Office Deputy Officer (New Department of Veterinary Medicine)" = ○ ○ part. Specific date and time are entered as "Monday, September 26, Heisei 28 (2016)", "Counter and Counselor of the Cabinet Office" as the "correspondent", the section manager and section manager of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology It is written that the real names of four people in total are assistant.

In the document, attendants of the Cabinet Office wish to "back-calculate the shortest schedule with the premise of opening in April, Heisei 30 (2018) and share it and share it" "This is the highest level of the official residence It is said that he told the story.

Mr. Akie Abe, even at Takumi Gakuen, he was appointed "Honorary Garden Director"

What is the government that will create a system for friends of Prime Minister? [Summary school issue summary] - Read the National Assembly

Seiichi Tahara "Prime Minister Abe's Formation of" Constitutional Representation "that had been" Lost "before" (1/2) | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Kaneda's rejection of non-confidence resolution resolution House of Representatives plenary session | NHK News

"Nap time is also working hours" certified Chiba District Court orders compensation | NHK News

High 2 girls, putting a daughter's body in the bag appearance ... abandoned at home after giving birth "Nagareya has become unbearable" Nagoya - Sankei WEST

Listen to the circumstances from bowling ball primary school students from the upper floor of apartment houses | NHK News

A resident 's 50 - year - old man said, "When the bowling ball came home it was scattered halfway and it was scattering to the ground, it was scary of the ball falling down from above."

"White Diamonds" Eel of the eel fishery closely attached to the maritime patrol: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The fisherman of the Shirasu eel fisherman sells frying fish to nursery and brokerage and turns it into cash. Brokers purchase juveniles from fishermen and sell them to elegant dealers in a coherent amount. The price of fry was raised and lowered according to the amount of shirasu eel which goes up to that year. According to eel farmers in the prefecture, around 2012, the number of fish rose to 600 yen per year, which was a failure to continue. In the 14th year when it was a big catch, it fell to 30 yen.

"In the past I heard that some people earned 800,000 yen overnight, and the fishermen may be caught thinking that they can earn as much as that," the official said.

Refusing to pay 10 years living construction fee without water service, can not close to pulling ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Iwaki Mr. Iwaki Mr. Iwasaki, who has worked as a former opposition councilor of the city of Tsu, complained that he was "funny." According to Mr. Iwaki, the municipality burdened the water supply pipe construction in other towns and villages except for part of former Aizawa-shi, former Aikawa-cho among Sado-shi born in 10 municipalities merged in 2004. "It is the same island but lacks equality" and refused to pay the contribution.

Meanwhile, Sado-shi inherited the regulations of former Ritsu City and explained that the principle of beneficiary burden can not be broken. It is said that it can not be confirmed now whether the municipality burdened the construction cost of the water supply pipe of the former municipalities because there are no records left.

Do not contact the owner, thousands or Fukuoka prefectural police officer "Troublesome": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Trump to FBI "Looking to the Opinion" suspicion of judicial disturbance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: Israeli original intelligence top, Mr. Trump 's "secret leak" is warned

CNN.co.jp: Mr. Trump insisted on allegations of Russia, a speech "received the worst treatment in history"

With that in mind, President Cardinal said in a podium, "Never, never, never give up, I'm sure it will work." We also pointed to the media, "You should look at how I treated it, especially with media," "In the history, politicians who have received even more terrible treatment or unfair treatment in history But do not be discouraged: Do not let criticism and opponents do not disturb your dream. "

"It's time to impeach Mr. Trump" Voice grows at the US Congress

President Trump 's impeachment or probability rises sharply at betting site | Reuters

Column: Information leakage by President Trump, deserves "impeachment" | Reuters

Why does the Republican Party not play cards? | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Cyber ​​Attack Possibly involvement of North Korea "Sufficient evidence needed" | NHK News

Facebook, Watts Up Acquisition Crucible European Commission to Fine Order = Related Relations | Reuters

A man who aimed for Everest climbing alone without permission, arrested photograph with investigation by interrogation 1 international news: AFPBB News

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The era of "airless" will soon come to Soko ... Next generation tires for bicycles, first free trial in air free | Response (Response.jp)

The front wheel absorbs rugged irregularities on the road surface. Make it feel like a tire like a tire in the vertical direction and smoothly feel the road surface condition. Lift the handle and try to drop it. Impact absorption similar to shock absorber where the tire bends. That is on the ride.

"Sitting and commuting" More new people can change commuter rush than possible, developed in the UK (12 photos) | News of the ride

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Mikata (ally) you made with UV resin is my amulet.

Possibility of increasing fraud damage of young people by lowering adult age | Slad

Metabolism is a problem but "Japanese are insufficient nutrition" mystery | Nikko Kyouron to create health | Takashinobu Narita | Mainichi Shimbun "Medical Premier"

Men are Love Ho, refused, "Oh, it was discriminated": Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Drone as an aircraft ⑥ "Know the dangerous winds on the flight!" | Japan Drone Media

Honda start fuel cell taxi operation ... From Cloudy Fuel cell at the end of June | Response (Response.jp)

US iPhone begins assembling iPhone SE at India plant | Reuters

Have Interlink saved the world from the Ransomware on the worldwide expansion? It is! | InterLink president blog

How Hibernate made my career on the verge of collapse | To Be Decided

Lawson Ticket Electronic Ticket Application 'International SMS Transmission' Problem # ロ ー チ ケ # Electronic Ticket - Togetter Conclusion

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Famitsu Children's Media Editor-in-chie "Reactions to Recent Nintendo I think I'm Going Against the Rice Cake Shop Area" - Togetter Summary

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AKG's first Bluetooth compliant Noise Canceling Headphone "N60NC WIRELESS" New Release | Herman International

Kabuki actor Nakamura Shido announces early pulmonary adenocarcinoma | NHK News

Okazaki Physical Education Who is angry with "pixel of feeling", what has so much to do with you - Shinji Hyogo's blog

【Burning in flames】 There is a thought from God about live manners 【I want to run away】 - Togetter Summary

Take it fucking with "live manners" or seriously. - Life of Takahie.

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Reproduce the summer sweets using Asuki! "Mushroom's Mountain Matcha Azuki" "Takaneko no Sato Azuki Milk" New release from May 23 Press Release | Company Information | Meiji Corporation

Take-out is also possible! Eggs' n Things First shave ice is new! It is! Healthy and hot topic! Hawaiian style soup with "broth" Soup used in plenty of rice fruit etc. "HAWAII" Menu appearance that feels early summer unique to Hawaii ~ Start selling on June 1st (Thu) ~ | Eggs' N Things

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