The cost of "Star Destroyer" appearing in Star Wars, etc. Numerals showing the greatness of the Galactic Empire

Star Wars SeriesA fictional space battleship appearing in "Star · Destroyer'S cost and the cost to build the Star Fleet by Star Destroyer on YouTube channelGeneration TechMr. Alan explains it.

How Much Would A Star Destroyer Cost? - YouTube

Star Destroyer appearing in the Star Wars series is a space battleship with a characteristic shape like an isosceles triangle.

Admiral and Governor, and even Darth Vader and the Emperor, there is something that is like a symbol of fear for the Rebel Alliance Army.

Construction of such Star Destroyer is in charge of a fictitious company "Quat Drive Yard" and its cost ranges from 150 million dollars (about 17 billion yen) to 225 million dollars (about 25.5 billion yen) It is said.

This amount is roughlyBoeing 787 Dream LinerIt seems that it is about the same as the construction cost of.

"But the total length of Star Destroyer is 1,600 meters, and there are over 37,000 people on board," Alan said.

From this remark, you can see that Star Destroyer being told in the movie is Imperial grade.

Then it is the world's largest aircraft carrier in the real worldNimitz-class aircraft carrierAnd Star Destroyer. The total length of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is 333 meters and the size is considerably smaller than Star Destroyer, but the cost is incorrect as the construction cost is 4.5 billion dollars (about 51 billion yen).

It is the largest space facility in the history of mankind "International Space Station(ISS) "is estimated at 150 billion dollars (about 17 trillion yen), which is even higher.

Star Destroyer is bigger than ISS than Boeing 787 Dreamliner than Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, but why does construction cost become so low so far? One of the reasons is that "mass production will lower manufacturing cost per piece"Economy of scaleThere is an effect.

When applying this to the real world, there is only one ISS in the world, there are only 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

On the other hand, it is said that the Galactic Empire possesses some 25,000 Star Destroyers.

And another reason for the cost reduction is that the Galactic Empire held down some of the strategically important planets and stars. With this, there is a possibility of getting the largest scale shipyard or factory in the universe.

Mr. Alan said that the Galactic Empire was free to advance nationalization of military facilities and shipyards, etc. in order to expand armaments of their own army.

In fact, even in the real world the United States dominates some of the major industries during the Second World War.

In the same way, Mr. Alan is watching that the galactic empire will have nationalized many miners to obtain materials in the construction of Death Star.

And about another big cost "labor force". This is a world where mechanization has progressed, so the labor force called a robot exists ... ...

Furthermore, Mr. Alan guessed that the galactic empire was inexpensively obtaining labor by using slavery. It seems that it was becoming a two-bird stone system with one stone that by enslaving citizens who bring confusion to the galactic empire, keeping order of the town while obtaining labor power.

From here we will look further into Star Destroyer. For example, Star Destroyer has 72TIE fighterCan be loaded.

The cost per TIE fighter is from $ 60,000 (about 6.8 million yen) to $ 90,000 (about 10.2 million yen).

The reason why the TIE fighter is so inexpensive is that the life support system may be simple. This is clear from the fact that you can not steer without wearing a flight suit and wearing something like an oxygen mask. Also, the TIE fighter does not have hyperdrive.

In addition, the Star Destroyer is equipped with a transport shuttle. This shuttle, which frequently appears in the play, also has a shield for defense ......

Cessna 172It seems to be equivalent cost.

So, considering the cost per Star Destroyer and the cost of the loaded TIE Fighter and Shuttle, it will cost 3906 trillion dollars (44 million dollars) to build 25,000 Star Destroyer fleets It will be 5859 trillion dollars (about 67 Kyou) from Kyoto.

How much horrible this amount is is that the worldwide GDP is said to be about 60 trillion dollars (about 6,800 trillion yen), so it is 60 to 100 times that amount.

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