Headline news on May 29, 2017

The collaboration project of the Nippon Racing Association of Japan (JRA) and the animation "Kumono Friends" was opened.

JRA x Bean Friends | Umabi - This holiday is a good time to go.

"Kemono Friends" is a work produced by Mr. Kanon Yoshizaki, author of "Keroro Gunso", and the popularity of TV animation is growing as the number of talks is repeated, the number of views of the first episode in Nico Nico video Has now become a hit work that will exceed 7.48 million times.

Although the content of collaboration has not been revealed yet because it is a teaser site, the "collaboration soooo!" Button is installed at the bottom of the site, and when pressed it will bring out the voice of "Fantastic!" There is one mechanism, and it is structured to increase tremendous counts. There are 31 types of friends that appear, and each time you press a button, the characters change. There are multiple kinds of dialogue prepared by characters.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Quincyor's newspaper advertisement super superfluous origami → screaming in the result of folding "After all!" "I'm more raw than I thought" - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
The power is as good as the .44 Magnum! Ancient Roman military lead bullets | National Geographic Japan version site

Anti-vaccination activities (Ono Masahiro) relying on Tondemo research as an article by anonymous online survey - individual - Yahoo! News

Vaccines have nothing to do with autism. Although this paper does not need to pay attention at all with such a poor story in this way, since such a story could be fooled if it does not know the circumstances of the science industry, I explained a little here.

I will always teach you the research design that can prove the effect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: World's Strongest Substance, Advancing to 3 Dimension Success Successful Practicalization - (1/2)

Recently taken "puzzle" puffer, hybrid warming influence? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Chief Cabinet Secretary missile falls into exclusive economic zone | NHK News

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yuko Kan announced at a press conference at around 6:40 am on 29th, announced that a ballistic missile was launched from the east coast of North Korea and dropped into Japan's EEZ = exclusive economic zone of the Sea of ​​Japan , Stated that he protested strictly against North Korea.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasushi Kan said, "It is said that a ballistic missile was launched from the east coast of North Korea around 5:40 today and it fell into the exclusive economic zones of Japan in the Sea of ​​Japan.Aircraft sailing nearby We have not confirmed the information of the damage to the ship, etc. "

North Korea intends to continue provoking information with two missiles clearly: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Agenda · Morihito problem, but still ... Reason for collapse "Abe support": Asahi Shimbun Digital

German Prime Minister "The era when it was made for other countries" will end, "conflict with rice at G7: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Total school] "There is absolutely no pressure" Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Kohei Maekawa refused to summon the witness of former vice minister of science - Sankei news

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
KEISUI ART STUDIO | Temporarily attached the "Ojikiki eyeball" to the eyes of a human fish.

New rookies! "Dear Mr." "Please give me your name" etc. is misuse! (Tenki.jp supplement May 29, 2017) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Incontinence: 1 in 5 people "flight" experience men, 20 - 30 somewhat more - Mainichi Newspaper

How do people overlook political corruption? Read the National Assembly

Tom Gilovic, a social psychology company, is studying cognitive mechanisms of abnormal beliefs. According to his concise formulation, it becomes as follows.

When we want to believe in something, we ask ourselves, "Is it possible to believe?"
And then, looking for evidence to support it, if anything like that is found, stop thinking there.
Because I got permission to believe it. Even if someone makes a question, I can answer the reason.

On the other hand, when you do not want to believe something, you ask yourself, "Is that what you must believe?"
Then find a disproof, if only one is found, abandon what you do not want to believe. To remove the handcuffs of "must do", only one key is enough.

Psychologists now have a lot of evidence showing the existence of "motivated reasoning" that "people use various tricks to reach their desired conclusion".
Subjects who are said to have poor results of intelligence testing prefer to read articles that cast doubt on the validity of IQ tests.

Thirty percent of the depopulated area gas station stands out of business continuity | NHK News

Japanese people hit Pizza store in Vietnam to make cheese - BBC News

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Make fine metal thread with adhesive sheet and harden with UV resin

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Google Japan Blog: Google Assistant Appears on Android Terminal in Japanese

Naoki Inose, Self-disclosure of bookmarking XVideos - Togetter Summary

【On fire】 Former governor Naoki Inose, who is bookmarking Xvideos is wwwwwwww: killing time news

"Why bookmark Xvideos?" I heard Mr. Naoki Inose - ITmedia NEWS

- It is a topic that there was a bookmark of Xvideos in the image tweeted by Mr. Inose.

I am not sure why this is so ....

For explanation, various weekly magazines are sent to me every week, and the address of this "Xvideos" was written in "Weekly Hyundai" two or three years ago. I thought "What is this?", I copied it and left it as a memo. I just disappeared from seeing the site, so for the time being, bookmark? Does it remain when pressed? It feels like a memo. That remained in the bookmark of the old personal computer. Weekly magazines will disappear every week, so I have to keep it in chokokoko.

Because I usually use smartphones now. I could not understand the operation of the smartphone at the time. Now I can put notes on the smartphone.

- It is not that I usually look at Xvideos from.

This is a personal computer that I do not use much. I wrote an old notebook PC that I already logged in because I wrote "Time-shifted viewing of" Nico Nico Live broadcast "while watching it as a smartphone," Please log in again ". I usually write manuscripts on the desktop, so I do not use notes much.

Feminine supplies are reflected in idol during live delivery! → Otaku "What do you mean to physiology without sex planning !?" "Power word too much (lol)" - Togetter Summary
Probably the thread of the original story is probably "STU members battle the napkins wonderfully wwwwwwwwc2ch.net | underground idols (AKB 48) board thread | itest.2ch.netIt seems to be.

Something's windows open for a moment and close - demandosigno

Extraction of words whose meaning changes according to domain - Japanese postalities

A student at the Ritsumeikan announced and got a flame-brought paper, before joining the JSAI 2017, I was able to obtain it before publication stopped
In the thesis, it was a qualitative classification of BL novels published in several Pixiv, and it was a paper that had no machine learning called finish, so I used machine learning I want to show what I can do. (It seemed not to be such a serious problem, and the problem setting was also excellent, why ...)

Launched wearable terminal "funband" for a limited number of Hiroshima Toyo Carp fans | News release: Sharp

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
I tried playing the first day of Ude, the premier online trial party of ARMS, so it became like this | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

PS 4 "Magic and Seven Wonders at Little Witch Academy" Tizar CM - YouTube

【Uima】 Kaori Iya Mr. Kaworu's exposure to anger, cat manga artist also on fire caused plagiarism problem

"2013 Neta Tweet" on Hayao Miyazaki's retirement is used like a remark by Mr. Hayao Miyazaki on TV - Togetter Summary

Teacher's teacher: Masters of Takahashi who garnered charismatic popularity in the 1980s took the stage! "Because the game is bad, we practice hard for the first two minutes" "160 bonuses do not have bonus in yearly sticks" - Togetter Summary

At the teacher's teacher | Masato Takahashi Official blog "Tsubuyaki 16 shots" Powered by Ameba

Given the overtime hours and other factors, it may be black at the moment, but at that time, no matter how long it takes, if you do not do this you can only see things that the children's smile can not be seen, All the staff were thinking.
Because I had pride saying that I am doing this work there, I think that everyone was able to do their best.

So, when you see the teacher last night and worry about the company, I absolutely want to get rid of it.
At that time, almost all the staff thought that was the best.

Hideki Owada, "Hayato Hayato" finished - its repercussion and reasoning speculation (忖 度) こ こ こ れ - Togetter Conclusion

【Sad news】 Politics manga "Hayato Hayato" memorize Shishuke Kishi drew "Showa no yokai" drawn during the series before the series ends

I tried to reproduce the money money rice cake of "Golden Kamui" (Noda Satoru) on the hearth [Manga dining room, where shop 6 items] - where is it?

"What is the animation industry like this?" Yamakan Noriyuki Yamamoto and "5 centimeters per second" animation producer · Hiroaki Takeuchi thinks "Japan's producer education system"

The quality of the "bad sandwich" of the Tokyo Big Cafe is too high and it is seriously bad! Why was the surge in food hygiene professional "surprised"? - Togetter Summary

【Kemono Friends】 Server Junpu ~ Secondary Creation Game ~ Update! | INS-MAGAZINE.ORG

Theater performance | '3 D Dami Glass Masked' Official Site

TV anime "3 Nen D Gigami no Masaki" who brought up a topic with a fleeting character and story appeared dramatically on the VR stage with a new work!

Let's hunt with Nintendo Switch! "Monster Hunter Double Cross Nintendo Switch Ver." Decided to be released August 25! | Topics | Nintendo

PS4® "Dragon Quest X All-in-One Package" released August 17 !! | PlayStation.Blog

Nintendo Switch "Dragon Quest X All-in - One Package" released on September 21! | Topics | Nintendo

Game Review / Evaluation Summary @ 2 ch: 【NS】 Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers Review & Summary

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Hawk @ Hawks Summary Blog: 【Good news】 Manny Ramirez, Homerun in the last match of the previous term

MLB NEWS @ Nan J: (Movie) Ultimate Complete Match A female high school student gets a huge strikeout strike

【Sad news】 Former Hanshin Gomez, baseball stopped: What a stadium @ N J summary

Totti is the inspiring speech at the final round of Rome "Ending" "I want to dream but I can not do it" - Goal.com

【Thank you Totti】 Ceremony - YouTube

"Tribute homage" reaches from Legend all over the world to Totti who left Rome | Football Digest Web

Kobayashi Yuki is really "funny guy". Four ideas told over three and a half hours. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

U20 representative FIFA official website praises Jodo's "special" "brilliant legs judgment" "lighted the darkness": footballnet [soccer summary]

High school girl mahjong movie: First screening in prefecture / Nagano - Mainichi Newspaper

Mariju possession: former member KAT-TUN Tanaka, positive reaction - Mainichi Newspaper

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Deliciousness that can keep eating forever" Ministop's "Infinite Suites" 3rd "Infinite Mango Pudding" New Release | Press Release | MINISTOP

"Nissin THE NOODLE TOKYO AFURI Limited Yuzu Salt Ramen" (released June 12) | Nissin Food Group

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