When using "USB Killer" of fear that destroys the gadget just by inserting it in the USB port all together with iPhone · MacBook · Pixel · GoPro etc.

"USB terminal" used in PC is not only exchanging data but also possible to supply power, it is the most versatile exterior used in various terminals such as televisions, smart phones, action cameras as well as PCs It is a terminal. A horrible device that destroys the machine itself by simply inserting it into the USB port "USB Killer"Is inserted into various terminals such as iPad Pro, Galaxy Note 7, MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, GoPro HERO 5, etc., and it is released that the terminal is tested at once whether or not the terminal will be destroyed.

USB Killer vs New MacBook Pro, Google Pixel & amp; More! Instant Death! - YouTube

Knowing what kind of machine is USB Killer can be understood by looking at the following article.

USB killer "USB Killer" that physically destroys PC when inserted in port "GIGAZINE"

"USB Killer" which will destroy the device itself just by inserting it into the USB port

I plugged it into the USB port of a terminal all along the desk and checked whether USB Killer will destroy the machine all at once.

First of all, I will explain how to use USB Killer with an old ThinkPad.

I inserted the USB Killer into the USB port, but no change.

This is because the intermediate kit that detects the current from the USB terminal is sandwiched between ThikPad and USB Killer. When bringing the red / black line of the intermediate kit close to ... ...

Sparks flew away.

Again, remove the intermediate kit and insert the USB Killer into the USB port.

The moment the USB Killer was plugged in, the screen disappeared with a loud noise.

Even if you press the key or connect the power cable, there is no reaction. The computer was buried by USB Killer.

So from this point it is real. First,Recall with explosion problemIt became "Galaxy Note 7" from.

By the way, the USB Killer capacitor is fully charged with the mobile battery.

Spark flies when the intermediate kit is caught.

Once you remove the intermediate kit and try inserting the USB Killer ......

No change. I will not explode either.

Operation with touch panel is also possible without problems.

The Galaxy Note 7 incorporates a surge protection mechanism that shuts down the overcurrent and seems to work well.

continue"GoPro HERO 5"

Connect USB Killer using adapter to convert to Type-C.

The result is no problem. The GoPro HERO 5 seems to have a surge function effective as well.

Next, the old iPhone series.

Results, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the first iPhone all cleared the test without problems. It showed resistance to USB Killer.

Google's high-end smartphonePixelTest in.

Pixel is a brand new state.

By checking with the intermediate kit, we are skipping spots and sparks.

And when I try to insert a USB Killer using a 3rd party Type-C adapter ......

Screen does not change.

However, when I tried using Pixel genuine Type-C adapter ......

Pixel passed away with a banging sound ... ....

It seems there was an electric shock in the hand holding the USB Killer, so I can not hide surprises with unexpected results.

There is no reaction even if you push the power button. It seems that it has completely broken.

Next, test Galaxy Note 7 which cleared the test with the combination of genuine USB adapter + USB Killer which destroyed Pixel again.

When inserting USB Killer, the screen does not change.

However, the power supply function by USB has broken down. Although the destruction of the whole terminal was escaped, the USB function was destroyed.

Next, a new 2016 model "MacBook ProTested.

Sparks will jump from the intermediate kit.

And test with USB Killer alone.

At the moment of inserting USB Killer into Type - C 's USB port, the screen blackouts with a loud noise.

There is no reaction even if you push the button.

Even if you insert the charging cable, it will not work. USB Killer buried a brand new MacBook Pro in a flash.

next"IPad Pro (9.7 inch model)"

When I connected the USB Killer, the screen blinked.

Calm down and restart ...

no problem.

Charging is OK. Apparently, although the screen flashes, it seems that the terminal itself was not destroyed.

On the other hand, even if you insert USB Killer into the original iPad, there is no problem at all. Perhaps there is a tendency that older one is more resistant.

Beats headphonesSolo 3 WirelessI will test.

Even if you connect USB Killer, it works without problems.

So it was Google Pixel and MacBook Pro that the device was completely destroyed by USB Killer. It was Galaxy Note 7 that the USB terminal was destroyed.

By the way, tests using the iPhone 7 Plus are done before this all-time test.

USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus - Instant Death? - YouTube

I inserted the USB Killer in the iPhone 7 Plus, and the Lightning port has been destroyed and it is not chargeable.

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