Does the iPhone 14 Pro's collision detection function really work? A movie that actually tried to collide the car is being released

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, 2nd generation Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra, released in 2022, will have a '

collision detection ' function that detects car accidents and automatically contacts the emergency call service. is provided. To see if this feature actually works, the YouTube channel TechRax conducted an experiment using an actual vehicle.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro Crash Detection Actually Work? - Car Accident Experiment - YouTube

A member of TechRax has an iPhone 14 Pro.

It seems to test by hitting the car with the iPhone on another car.

A GoPro is attached to the back seat of the car where the iPhone is placed so that the image inside the car can be checked.

Furthermore, the car has a special workmanship ... ...

It is possible to remotely control the car with the machine held in the hand.

No one is on board, so safety is perfect.

First, the rehearsal started. The car that started accelerating vigorously speeds up ......

I hit the side of another car.

There is a crack in the blinker due to the impact of the collision.

There was no problem with the accuracy of remote control, so we moved to production. Now prepare a lot of cars and make it easier to hit.

Then stick the iPhone 14 Pro to the back seat headrest with adhesive tape and you're ready to go.

A car that speeds up ......

A direct hit on a junk car.

A photographer rushing over.

But the iPhone screen remains the same.

After a while, the screen changed and 'It seems that I encountered a car accident' was displayed. The photographer says, 'There seems to be a delay' from detection to display.

The above display switched to the next screen in 10 seconds, and a 10-second countdown to call the emergency information service began. If the user does not operate during this time, the iPhone will automatically report. The series of operations is as described by Apple, and this test proved that it works correctly.

TechRax ran a second test at even faster speeds, and crash detection worked just as well. One member commented, ``I thought it would only work in accidents where the car was completely destroyed, but it's impressive that it worked even in minor collisions.''

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