A more powerful new kind appears in "USB Killer" which destroys the device just by inserting it in the USB terminal

A USB device that is meaningless and unknown to mean that high voltage current will flow and the device will be destroyed simply by inserting a device that only looks like an ordinary USB memory into the USB terminal of a PC or the like "USB Killer", A new species which further increased the attack power"USB Killer V3It is a pattern that has appeared.

This laptop-bricking USB stick just got even more dangerous | ZDNet

I developed a mysterious terrible equipment based on Hong Kong based officeUSB Kill.com. The company has developed a similar USB Killer product so far, but this time we are introducing a new species that demonstrates more powerful power.

That is what is called "USB Killer V3". It is a device that looks like a USB appearance with a white appearance, but it contains a capacitor (condenser) for generating electricity and a circuit for generating high voltage / high current pulses, and by inserting it in the USB terminal of PC etc. It destroys the equipment. The latest version 3 has become a mysterious "high-performance version" that surely dies the device to death by creating a pulse of voltage of minus 200 volts twice per second more powerful than before .

Furthermore, "USB Killer V3" of "Anonymous version" which looks only as usual USB memory appearance has appeared. It seems to be extremely difficult to identify that it is a USB Killer from its appearance, so anyway I can say is just that "Please be careful if you pin this look!"

In addition, from the company, a device such as USB Killer protects the device from pulse current generated "Test ShieldDevice has appeared. Its purpose is "to test the surge current protection circuit to the utmost limit", but,Match pumpJust a mystery deepens in the product composition.

The state that the notebook PC is actually destroyed with USB Killer is released on the company's YouTube channel. Although we initially disabled attacks by using Test Shield, you can see that the screen disappears at the moment when you insert USB Killer alone, making it impossible to reoccur.

USB Kill 2.0 Demonstration Video - YouTube

In addition, there is also a movie that destroys the Lightning terminal of iPhone 7 via the adapter. Although it does not affect the iPhone itself normally, it can be understood that charging is impossible because the Lightning terminal was burned out. Probably the data communication function should be lost.

USB Killer V3 vs iPhone 7 - YouTube

USB Killer V3 is sold at 45.95 euros (about 6100 yen) on the official website and Test Shield is sold at 13.95 euros (about 1700 yen). For those who do not know it is only a very annoying device, but after understanding that there are such devices, the defense that "unfamiliar USB memory is not inserted into PCs, smart phones, and devices with USB terminals in general" It is better to have thorough measures.

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