Verify that the strongest ballistic USB memory in the world can really be bulletproofed

Ultra-rugged USB memory "i-Disk BulletProof" which has waterproof and fireproof performance by metal housing made in two layers, and even prevents impact by bullets. It is a movie that verified whether this memory can actually endure bullets.

Details are as follows.
This bulletproof memorySolid Alliance"I-Disk BulletProof" sold at 12,800 yen including tax. We are experimenting with Magnum bullets with 38 calibers (9 mm), 44 calibers (11.2 mm) and 50 calibers (12.7 mm).

It's around 3 minutes to drive a bullet into i-Disk.
YouTube - Pretec I-disk bulletproof (response is a subtitled version)

As a result, it was crushed by Magnum bullet of 50 caliber. As a comparison, the memory shot at the beginning is broken by 9 mm bullet, so it seems certain that robustness is higher than other USB memories. If bullets up to 44 caliber are put in the breast pocket, life may be saved.

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