2.5-inch HDD "WD Ultra-Slim" with a thickness of 5 mm and a capacity of 500 GB starts shipping

Western DigitalHas started shipping ultra-thin HDD "WD UltraSlim" of 5 mm in thickness, which is about half as thick as conventional products as 2.5 inch HDD.

WD Blue

Western Digital releases 5 mm UltraSlim 2.5-inch hard drive - SlashGear

WD Ultra-Slim is a built-in HDD with a thickness of only 5 mm. The capacity is 500 GB, the interface is SATA 6 Gb / s. The edge connector SFF-8784 for small form factor that combines the power supply and SATA connection into one connector is adopted, and the shock specification is 400 G when active and 1000 G when inactive.

Looking from the side like this.

Although the thickness of a typical 2.5 inch HDD is 9.5 mm, it is 47% thinner than it, 35% thinner than a popular smartphone.

It weighs 74 g and succeeds in weight saving by 36% over standard HDD.

Also, the operating sound is 17 dB, standby is 15 dB, 10% more quiet than the same class HDD.

It also increased strength by 30%, succeeded in lightweight and miniaturization without increasing power consumption or lowering the performance.

The 500GB model Blue Ultra-SlimSuggested retail price is 89 dollars (approx. 8900 yen)Start shipping today from 24th. Western Digital is a high-performance drive integrating hard disk and 24 GB flash memoryWD BlackThe 5 mm model of SSHD has already been shipped.

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