WD Red's 10TB model HDD "WD100EFAX" & "WD101KFBX" has appeared, the large-capacity helium model is low priced

"Western Digital (Western Digital)" major manufacturer of hard disk (HDD), 10 TB maximum capacity model in the high endurance model "WD RED" series for NAS "WD100EFAX"When"WD101KFBX"Was added. Competition with Seagate's 10 TB high durability model which had already been on sale was inevitable as the large capacity model of HDD for NAS, which is often used for individuals, also appeared from Western Digital, capacity of large capacity HDD The unit price is likely to fall further.

Western Digital Adds Helium-Filled 10TB Drives to Consumer, Business Lines - ExtremeTech

WD100EFAX is a 3.5-inch HDD with capacity 10TB, interface is SATA3 (SATA 6Gbps). There are two kinds of WD Red "WD 100 EFAX" with a rotation speed of 5400 rpm and WD Red Pro "WD 101 KFBX" at 7200 rpm, and both models have a cache capacity of 256 MB.

By adopting "HerioSeal" filled with helium, the rotational resistance is suppressed and 10 TB is realized by incorporating 7 1.44 TB platter. In addition, "3D Active Balance Plus" which controls vibration is also adopted.

Up to now the maximum capacity of the WD Red series is "WD80EFZX"It was 8 TB, but with the introduction of the 10 TB model, the capacity available for NAS will be significantly increased. For example, if the maximum HDD capacity is 5 TB for five HDDs, it will be 50 TB, so it seems that there is a big merit in the case of "If you need large capacity anyway".

Furthermore, from the price setting of "WD 100 EFAX", it is proved to be attractive also in terms of capacity unit price.NeweggThe price tag of 499.99 dollar (about 45,000 yen) as a sale price is attached to a regular price of 429.99 dollars (about 48,000 yen), and it is considerably cheap as the initial price of WD RED's large capacity model .

WD Red WD100EFAX 10TB 5400 RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb / s 3.5 "NAS Hard Drive Bare Drive - Newegg.com

As a 10 TB model for individuals already for NAS, Seagate's IronWolf series "ST10000VN0004"Has declined to around 42,000 yen at the market price, if Western Digital releases the 10 TB model for NAS at a low price compared to Seagate, the price competition of the large capacity model is more It seems that it will be expected to intensify further and lower price will go further.

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