What is amazing for the HDD "HGST Ultrastar He 10" that reached the world's first 10 TB in perpendicular magnetic recording?

The world's first 10 TB hard diskNew model that HGST which released HGST reached the capacity of 10 TB even in the perpendicular magnetic recording method (PMR) different from the conventional shingled write method (SMR)Ultrastar He 10We announced. The Ultrastar He 10 series is a high-speed large capacity HDD with high-speed write performance without a decrease in random write speed like SMR.

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HGST under the Western Digital subsidiary already high speeds by SMR technology and filling helium in the HDD enclosurePlattersBy combining the technology "HelioSeal" which reduces vibration by reducing friction between, we realized a large capacity of 10 TB by incorporating 7 platter in general 3.5 inch size. In September 2014, we announced the model "Ultrastar Archive Ha 10" that realized the world's first 10 TB capacity, and we were ahead of capacity competition in rival Seagate.

However, SMR eliminates the gap between the tracks to be recorded, but depending on the place, it can improve the recording density by writing data while overlapping like a roof tile, but treats multiple tracks as a block and writes it sequentially until the track is filled To goSequential lightIn terms of structure to write like writing speed, among them the speed of random write was remarkably slow, there was a drawback. In other words, SMR was disadvantageous in terms of speed compared to PMR in order to realize large capacity.

On the other hand, the new "Ultrastar He 10" adopts PMR, which has been used conventionally for recording, in combination with HelioSeal technology that encapsulates helium, thereby maintaining high-speed access performance and storing 10 TB large capacity HDD Realization. As with the conventional 10 TB model, the number of platter is seven.

Furthermore, compared with a general helium-filled model, the power consumption (W / TB) per capacity of 1 TB is reduced by 56%. Therefore, HGST states that it is optimal for applications such as environmentally friendly data centers.

Ultrastar He 10 is line-up with two types of interfaces SATA (6 GB / s) and SAS (12 Gb / s), both of which have 256 MB of buffer memory, disk rotation speed of 7200 rpm,Mean time to failure (MTBF)There are 2.5 million hours with a 5 year warranty.

Of course the thickness is within 26.1 mm as well as general 3.5 inch HDD.

HGST does not reveal the price of Ultrastar He 10 (10 TB model), but Ars Technica expects the actual price to be $ 800 (about 96,000 yen).

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