Seagate, the largest HDD maker, beaten the SSD market, launching high-end high-end SSD "Pulsar" at high speed

The SSD (solid state drive) recording medium using flash memory, which is said to have lower power consumption and higher durability than HDD, is gaining popularity, but Seagate, the biggest HDD maker, By launching the first SSD, we beat the SSD market.

Although it is a company that will become a later generic company in the SSD market, it seems to be focused on both HDD and SSD in the future.

Details are as below.
Seagate Introduces Its First Solid State Drive: Pulsar | Seagate

According to Seagate's announcement, it is said that on December 7th of the local time the company released its first SSD "Pulsar".

"Pulsar" is a model adopting SLC (single level cell) type flash memory that realizes high-speed access and long product life, the maximum capacity is 200 GB. Continuous reading speed is 240MB per second and continuous writing speed is 200MB per second.

This is "Pulsar". Serial ATA is adopted as connection interface.

In addition, "Pulsar" is equipped with a function to protect data on the assumption of a power outage, and it is said that it will be mainly sold for enterprises.

By the way, onceHybrid HDDAlthough the product which mounted flash memory as the cache memory of the HDD attracted attention, although it was halfway as a product, it disappeared from the market, but as Seagate entered the SSD market, the advantage of SSD Which is a combination of high-speed access and the advantages of HDDTrue hybrid HDDIs there a possibility that existence should be called to call it?

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