Reasonable and practical SSD "OCZ Onyx" that cuts down 10,000 yen has appeared

Although it is a recording medium "SSD" that uses flash memory, which is beginning to become popular as a new recording medium to replace HDD, reasonable SSD whose price is less than 10,000 yen has appeared.

Despite being a low-cost model, it achieves comfortable performance and high durability.

Details are as below.
OCZ Technology | About OCZ | | OCZ Technology Makes Solid State Storage Affordable with Introduction of Onyx Series SSD

According to the release of OCZ which is known for SSD "Z-Drive" realizing ultrahigh-speed transfer of up to 1 TB and SSD "Colossus" reasonable 1 TB model, we will introduce a new SSD called "Onyx" is.

"Onyx" is an SSD of the 32 GB model assumed to be installed in netbooks and the like, and the selling price is 100 dollars (about 9000 yen).

This is "Onyx". The maximum reading speed is 125 MB per second and the maximum writing speed is 70 MB per second, which is closer to the maximum transfer rate compared to the high-end model, but with comfortable performance by installing 64 MB cache memory, the boot drive It can also be used as.

In addition to achieving a mean time to failure of 1.5 million hours and high durability, it is said that a 3-year warranty comes with it.

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