Intel's new 320 "SS Series" will also be released in Japan, a lineup of cheaper and larger capacity models than before

At the end of MarchIntel's latest generation of SSD "320 series"We announced today that it will be released in Japan today announced.

Not only is it the largest 600GB model ever made available, it has succeeded in reducing the price.

Details such as selling price in Japan, from the following.
Intel Introduces Intel SSD320 Series with NAND Flash Memory Based on Industry-Leading 25-nanometer Process Technology

According to Intel's press release, it is said that the company began shipping domestic shipments of the new SSD "320 series" that adopted the industry's most advanced 25 nm process.

In addition to the 40 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB and 160 GB models, the 320 series has a lineup of 300 GB models and 600 GB models. Cost performance is further improved by adopting the 25 nm process, achieving a price reduction of up to 30% compared with existing products.

Price and read / write performance of each model are as follows. The unit price of the 600 GB model is 90,260 yen when you receive 1000 orders.

In addition, the movie comparing the performance of the 320 series released by Intel and the HDD of 7200 rpm is like this. The difference is nearly 5 times as fast as the starting speed of the personal computer.

YouTube - Intel Solid-State Drive 320 Series Boot Demo

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