Toshiba to release the industry's largest class 256 GB for notebook PCs within the year

Toshiba announced that it will release the 256 GB SSD for the notebook PC in the industry in the industry within the year.

In addition, it will release a small SSD "flash module" for mini laptop computers.

Details are as follows.
About commercialization of industry's largest 256 gigabyte SSD adopting multilevel NAND

According to this release, Toshiba is planning to ship the industry's largest 256 GB SSD from this month, which is equipped with a large capacity NAND flash memory (multivalued NAND) that adopts multilevel technology for personal computers.

Mass production is done from the fourth quarter (October to December), the reading speed is 120 MB per second at maximum, the writing speed is 70 MB per second at maximum and the interface adopts Serial ATA interface.

In addition, we are developing a small SSD as a "flash module" for mini laptop computers, which are expected to expand demand in the future, and said that we added three products of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB to the line-up.

By the way, 256 GB SSDSamsung may already be mass-produced within the yearHowever, since the reading speed is 200 MB per second and the writing speed is 160 MB per second, Toshiba 's thing is taking shape in terms of speed.

Although the price is not touched on the release, it is a place where the price when it is released on the market is very bothered.

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