Inspiration comes, 48 ​​well-made logo designs

It has a very important role in organizations, companies, brands, groups, etc. "logo". While it seems to be said that an excellent logo can be said to have good appearance while expressing the contents, I tried collecting 48 kinds of logos that satisfied that condition. None of the designs flew to fresh ideas, which may be helpful when designing something from now on.

A well-made logo is from the following.01: Little LEO

02: Fashionable Alligator

03: DODO Pizza

04: Picshooter

05: De La Comforta

06: La Chatica

07: Buck Tales

08: Flight House

09: The Empire of Good

10: Macho Grill

11: Tackle

12: Owlove

13: Hidalgo Stout

14: DODO Pizza

15: Red Fish

16: Sdelano

17: Rumba Coffee

18: Madball

19: Bocca Della Verit

20: Golden Leads

21: Beta Box

22: SailDog

23: Chef's Art

24: Brigantina

25: Banzaika

26: Dog Show

27: Photography of Nature

28: Beluga

29: Kamel

30: Illy Baby

31: Agralot FC

32: Raindeer

33: Magic Ghost

34: Catch Record Release

35: Hampton Rustic

36: Egg and Chicken

37: Ectomachine

38: Wild Thorns

39: Badger

40: Telezoo

41: First Toy

42: Chief Sitting Book

43: Good Night Tv

44: World Wine Fest

45: Illuminarty Creatives

46: Wowcha

47: For Your Dog

48: Monte Das Laran Jeiras

50 Cool Logo Designs

Although the title of the above article is "50 types", there is one duplication, and if you access "The Sweetest Days Photography" picked up in the above article with FireFox, We have been reported and have been blocked according to the security settings "warning is issued, so we deal with 48 kinds excluding them.

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