The price is 1000 dollars, an HDMI cable "Platinum Starlight HDMI cable" using sterling silver which can transfer at super high speed

From digital home appliances such as LCD TVs, Blu-ray recorders, PS3 and other gaming machines to personal computers, now becoming an indispensable presenceHDMI (Hi-Definition Multimedia Interface)Although it is a cable, it became clear that ultra-expensive high-end HDMI cable of 1000 dollars (about 88,000 yen) per meter will be released.

At the online shop of "Shanghai wholesale store" selling memory cards and personal computer peripherals1 meter HDMI cable is sold for 678 yenI can not help but be surprised by the overwhelming price difference, but apparently it is certainly only a ridiculous cable.

Details are as below.
Wireworld Introduces Flagship Platinum Starlight HDMI cable

According to the official page of Wireworld which sells the high quality HDMI cable for the first time in the world, it is said that the launch of "Platinum Starlight HDMI cable" will be launched in February 2010 as a new flagship model of HDMI cable. The price is 1,000 dollars (about 88,000 yen) at 1 meter.

"Platinum Starlight HDMI cable" adopts carbon fiber for the connector part, and adopts a line made of sterling silver instead of copper wire for the transmission part. Furthermore, helical parallel arrangement structure "DNA Helix design" which neutralizes and corrects the flow of electricity is adopted.

This is "Platinum Starlight HDMI cable".

In addition, the cable achieves a maximum transfer rate of 21 Gbps, which is over 40 times that of USB 2.0, and the transmission of Ethernet announced in May 2009"4K" which is four times the resolution of full high vision (3840 × 2160)It is said that it corresponds to "HDMI 1.4" of the next-generation specification which supported such as.

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According to the story from the reader, it seems that sterling silver HDMI cable also exists in domestic manufacturer's products.

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