AMD announces chip set with ATI Radeon

AMD acquired the graphics chip maker ATI last July, but it seems to release a chip set equipped with ATI's graphics chip "Radeon".

On the motherboard equipped with this chipset, "Windows Vista Premium Ready PCSince it meets the criteria of "Windows Aero" which is the 3D user interface of Windows Vista, it can realize the environment which can never be used cheaply.

Details are as follows.
AMD's latest platform with ATI graphics,
Ultimate Visual Experience for Windows Vista
(The Ultimate Visual Experience) at an attractive price

According to this release, this time the AMD 690 series chipset has built-in ATI Radeon X 1250 graphics function, you can realize the ultimate visual experience (The Ultimate Visual Experience) on Windows Vista ... apparently ...

In addition, by supporting "Avivo technology", which is a playback support program for HD movies, it realizes smooth movie playback and beautiful images for every multimedia including high-definition content.

As for the selection of the display, it has become a platform with both built-in HDMI and independent DVI output, which is more substantial than before, and because it supports HDCP on-chip, copyright It seems that protected content can also be played. Up to 4 monitors can be connected by adding dual DVI's ATI Radeon graphics card.

By the way, according to the following article, Japan AMD seems to be able to construct a motherboard with this chipset for $ 80 (about 9500 yen). It's cheap, it's cheap. AMD Announces Graphics Integrated Chipset "AMD 690" Series

Performance is also verified.

【】 [preview] TA690G AM2

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