"Hybrid disk" that combines SSD and HDD has appeared

Samsung once adopted 128 MB or 256 MB of flash memory as HDD cache memory "Hybrid HDDAlthough we released it, we have revealed that "Hybrid Disk" that will go a step further, SSD and HDD united together will appear.

What are the merits of a hybrid disk that combines SSD and HDD?

Details are as below.
Hybrid Disk features SSD and hard drive | Storage | From the Lab | Macworld

According to this article, Taiwanese manufacturer Raidon announced a hybrid disk combining SSD and HDD.

The hybrid disk released this time is a model that can replace existing HDDs by adopting the same shape as the 3.5-inch HDD drive, basically that data is read and written by SSD.

This is a hybrid disc.

And for SSD and HDD, HDD does not adopt "RAID 1" which writes exactly the same data on two disks at the same time, HDD regularly back up SSD data automatically, so if SSD data Even if it gets damaged, HDD data will not be damaged, it will be possible to recover data from HDD to SSD.

In addition, it is said that SSD itself can be used by itself, and if SSD used alone is incorporated into a hybrid disk, HDD seems to automatically back up SSD data.

By the way, although capacity, price and release time are of concern, since it is only clarified that the built-in model will be released in April and that the external version is planned to appear within the year, It is where the trend is concerned.

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