16 TB hard disks appeared in 2018

Seagate, a leading HDD company, said, "We plan to release 16 TB of HDD within 18 months," according to the financial report.

Seagate's roadmap includes 14TB, 16TB hard drives within 18 months | CIO

Seagate's CEO Stefan Laczo revealed that it plans to ship large-capacity HDDs of 14 TB and 16 TB within 18 months. Besides, not all HDDs are connected models of multiple HDDs, it is a general commercial model consisting of a single case. Seagate incorporates commercialization of HDD with capacity of 20 TB into the roadmap by 2020.

According to Lakzo CEO, at present, the test progress is good when HDD with capacity of 12 TB is being tested using helium filling technology. If it goes smoothly, the maximum capacity of HDD will be expanded to 16 TB in 2018. Seagate has already marketed the 10 TB model "ST10000VN0004", and the price isAbout 50,000 yen by Amazon.co.jp. It can be expected that the 16 TB model that will appear in 2018 will become a price range of about 50,000 yen.

By the way, already SSDSeagate announces capacity 60 TB modelSo, HDD is already completely defeated by SSD in simple high capacity competition. If you can not wait until 2018, Samsung's 15.36 TB SSD "PM 1633aBecause it is being sold, if you do not mind the price, it may be hand use here ....

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