It is pointed out that there is a danger that SSD's price trend will weaken and the price will rise

The main storage of the PC has long been played by the hard disk (HDD), but as the price per capacity drops, high speed, zero spindle SSD is rapidly growing with the momentum replacing the HDD. However, it is pointed out that the price of SSD, which has been decreasing, may rise after 2017.

SSD Prices Skyrocket As NAND Shortage Deepens, HDD Shortage Looms As Components Become Scarce,33112.html

SSD's share of sales in the third quarter of 2016 is 44.5% by Samsung,Western Digital that acquired SanDisk16.6%, Intel 9.6%, Toshiba followed 9.4%, and a total of 13.87 EB (exabyte) SSD was supplied to the market.

Samsung, leading the SSD market, started developing "3D NAND (3-dimensional NAND) memory" to stack memory arrays vertically in the early stage and has expanded the lead in sales share dispute. Major manufacturers such as Toshiba, Intel · Micron and Skhynix are also undertaking the development of 3D NAND, but the difficulty of manufacturing is high, and it is the current situation that the market has not been able to supply enough as required.

In the last few years, there is technological innovation also due to technological innovation and the unit price of capacity has declined sharply but in the fourth quarter of 2016 the average price of TLC type flash memory finally reaches 6 to 9%, MLC type 6 to 10% The fact that the price has risenDRAMeXchangeIt is revealed by the investigation. This is due to insufficient supply of NAND flash memory.

In laptop PCs, the substitution from HDD to SSD has advanced rapidly in recent years. This is because the 2.5 inch type HDD, which is often used in notebook PCs,SMRDue to the delay in technology adoption, the capacity did not increase and stopped high, due to the fact that the SSD price was lowered and the SSD with higher performance was chosen. Approximately 30% of laptop PCs adopt SSD as of 2016, DRAMeXchange expects to exceed 50% from 2017 to 2018, and the pace of adoption of SSD on notebook PC will not fall It is thought.

In addition to the vigorous demand of SSDs in such notebook PCs, supply of NAND flash memory can not keep up with demand due to recent trend toward larger capacity of smartphones. Although SSD adoption rate of desktop PC for consumer still is still 13%, it is progressing to SSD in server application that uses a lot of storage, and allocation of NAND flash memory to the SSD for enterprises which is expected to have relatively high profitability is thick As a result, it is pointed out that the tendency of insufficient supply of SSD for consumers also leads to an increase in the price of SSD.

Although SSD is falling into a supply shortage situation in the market, revenues from SSD makers continue to be strong, such as recording a 16% increase over the previous year.

Contrary to the rapid growth of SSD, we can not expect that the HDD production facility that demand is crawling will expand significantly in the future. Therefore, if large troubles occur at HDD manufacturing factories, the supply of HDDs that replace SSDs is also lacking, and there is a danger that the SSD price will soar. Market officials said there is also a prediction that the price of SSD will rise from 20% to 25% over the next few months. It is anticipated that 2018 will be realized only enough to satisfy the demand of SSD, and it has been pointed out that there is a possibility that the SSD price will stop high until that time.

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