The maximum capacity is 2 TB and the writing speed is 1.3 GB per second, unprecedented ultra high speed SSD "RAIDDrive"

Previously at GIGAZINESSD "Z DRIVE" which realized 1 TB capacity and transfer rate exceeding 700 MB per second has appearedWe announced a ridiculous SSD that realized a capacity of up to 2 TB and a transfer rate of up to 1.3 GB (1300 MB) per second overwhelmingly.

Details are as follows.
Super Talent Develops 2048 GB PCIe RAID SSD with 1.3 GB / sec Throughput

According to this release, SSD maker Super Talent announced SSD "RAIDDrive" which realized high capacity of up to 2 TB and high speed transfer of up to 1.3 GB / sec.

"RAIDDrive" supports SLC (single-level cell) or MLC (multi-level cell) type flash memory of 2 TB at maximum, and it has cache memory compatible with high-speed transfer. Furthermore, the high-end model "RAIDDrive ES" has a battery that can protect the data in case of a power outage by any chance.

By adopting "PCI Express x8" as a connection interface, it can reach up to 1.2 GB (1200 MB) per secondSequential read (continuous read)In addition to achieving speed and sequential write (continuous write) performance of up to 1.3 GB (1300 MB) per second,RAID 5It is possible to build it.

Further details of "RAIDDrive" will be revealed in June.

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