"YouTube's business is the same as Nazi steals artwork," Radiohead's Tom Yoke criticized hard

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British rock band "Radiohead(Radiohead) 's vocalist Tom Yoke criticizes YouTube's business model as "The business of YouTube is the same as Nazi steals art objects."

Thom Yorke, non solo Radiohead: "Presto suonerò a Parigi" - Musica - Spettacoli - Repubblica.it

Radiohead's Thom Yorke compares YouTube business model to Nazi art theft | Ars Technica

Radiohead is one of the most famous rock bands in the world, and it is also a band showing a positive attitude towards music distribution over the Internet. Album released in 2007 "Inn · Rainbows"The download sales on the official HP has also been done, and what the selling price set to the amount the user wants to pay. In other words, I released an album that I can purchase from 0 yen digitally. From this time on, Radiohead members frequently said that "musicians are exploiting big money from major labels and music distribution services."

Italian music magazine held at the end of November 2015RepubblicaIn an interview by Mr. York, he commented, "I am not using YouTube, of course." Furthermore, concerning the service which companies do not pay money to artists or pay only a small fee, advertisements are displayed before music videos are played "They are profitable by musician's work I do not get any benefit from the musicians' side, "he criticized.

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In the interview, Mr. York said, "The service provider like Google and YouTube benefits, I am getting a lot of money." Oh, sorry, was this yours, but now We are lying, it is a lie, it is just a joke, these are yours at any time. "That is because we are exploding from the Nazis during the Second World War The fact that the Nazis actually went during the war was that it steals a large number of art objects from the UK and many other countries.The service like Nazi and YouTube Where is the difference? "It clearly shows that he criticizes Google and YouTube, and criticizes that the act is not acceptable.

In the interview with Repubblica, the question "How much money does Radiohead receive from music distribution services like YouTube like movie delivery service, Apple Music, Spotify?" Was not done, but this kind of answer It is popping out. Mr. York will visit Mr. David Baan, Indy Rock's great place in 2013Comments on Spotify"In the end, this is not only I think but" I am sorry, these are not fair "(Spotify is not fair)" has shown dissatisfaction with music distribution service.

In recent years, music streaming distribution services like Spotify are emerging, and music-related markets are changing drastically. Mr. Burn raised complaints at first to such a new music business, it seems that Mr. York was the one who gave a comment because it is Mr. Barn. In response to criticism from such big musicians, Spotify and YouTube are consistently repeating the claim that "paying hundreds of millions of dollars to musicians".

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In 2014, Mr. York distributed his solo album "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" through the BitTorrent Bundle. It seems to be because it wanted to show that musicians can sell music by themselves without going through music distribution service like Spotify or via a major label, "If this method works well, Musicians may be able to control their own sales by themselves. "

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