Seagate releases 1.5TB HDD "Barracuda 7200.11" for the first time in the world

It seems that Seagate will release the world's first 1.5 TB HDD "Barracuda 7200.11".

Recording medium "SSD" using flash memory has started to emerge, but it still has a large difference in HDD in terms of capacity and cost performance.

Details are as follows.
Seagate Technology - Seagate Powers Next Generation Of Computing With Three New Hard Drives, Including World's First 1.5 - Terabyte Desktop PC And Half - Terabyte Notebook PC Hard Drives

According to this release, Seagate 's 3.5 - inch HDD "Barracuda 7200.11" boasts 1.5 TB capacity realizes large capacity by using the perpendicular magnetic recording method, and the cache is 32 MB. The interface is S - ATA II, it is composed of 4 platter.

The release is planned for August, and the price in Japan which is worrisome is undecided.

Furthermore, alreadyHDD of 1 TB has cut 15,000 yenIt seems that it seems necessary to choose one suitable for me according to capacity and cost performance.

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