Experiment as to how much fat you can prevent bullets

How much should I grow fat to take bullets alive? We are conducting experiments at the Cavendish laboratory which is said to have issued the world's most Nobel Prize winners.

Bullets can be stopped with tissue paperIt seems like it can stop if the fat is too thick.

Details are as below.
How fat would you have to be to stop a bullet - Naked Scientists Kitchen Science 2007

For experiments, use a huge air rifle that fires bullets with gas. The gas uses high pressure gas of helium.

The barrel of the air rifle is 3 meters, and the bullet loads a small metal bearing bullet. It seems that you can fire bullets at supersonic speed.

The size of the bearing bullet is small.

Target is a gel made of perspex packed with gelatin with the same density as fat.

Launch target and launch. There is a movie on the original site.

First of all, the gas in front of the bullet hits gelatin.

Bullet shot at gelatine at about 500 m / s. It is nearly twice the speed of sound.

A conical space remains after the bullet passes through. Air bubbles are formed in front because the tube spreads with impact of landing and a cavity is made in gelatin.

A crack runs in the tube and it is tattered.

It pierced through.

After going through almost at the speed of 180 m per second, it is necessary to calculate roughly to stop bullets exceeding the speed of sound and double this thickness. As fat is required about 72 cm thick, it seems that it was practical and cost performance was better to wear out bulletproof vests obediently.

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