A movie to experiment by letting the fire actually suck the fire whether it can be eliminated by the Dyson vacuum cleaner

Speaking of Dyson's vacuum cleaner is a powerful suction force, from there, "I thought that this sucking force could be eliminated if you could withdraw the fire?", I thought that, actually using the Dyson vacuum cleaner to suck the fire A person who went out appeared. Because it is dangerous, please never imitate it.

Extreme Dyson Test - YouTube

"Extreme Dyson test!"

Put a mat on the outdoors, first we will flammable liquid.

It is said that "Do not play with serious attention, flammable liquids", but no one wants to imitate this.

When I throw the paper scrap with a cold fire on ......

On fire.

I will turn on the vacuum cleaner and take the fire off.

Dyson vacuum cleaner that turns on and off, but it does not look like the fire is gone ... ...

In a blink of an eye the fire got smaller ... ...

Completion of fire. It is like feeling it sucked up with the liquid that was burning a flame.

I will sprinkle the liquid again ...

Ignition. The flame is getting bigger than before.

This is also a little ... ...

Completion of fire.

The end ......

I started burning the vacuum cleaner itself.

In this state I move the motor in this state, but it seems impossible to extinguish the fire as expected.

Extinguished with the help of water.

It is already terrible.

Does the motor move even in this state? In connection with it, I started acting cheerfully.

In the experiment, I was boosting (in a state higher than the power supply voltage) and it seemed that I tried "How long can I destroy?", The part stopped blowing away at the end.

By the way, we used a vacuum cleaner that became unnecessary at home for the experiment,DC 50It is said that you are using.

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