Firefighter to ignite and spread fire

It seems that some training or demonstration was in progress but it is a tremendous movie that ignites the fire and ignites the fire and spreads the flame even for those who were on the side. It spreads the fire too neatly. It is dangerous ... ....

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - firefighter dumbass

Because the procedure itself was extremely dangerous and sprinkled directly with liquid fuel to increase the momentum of the fire, it ignited at once with the fuel which had already vaporized, the fire rushed up to the liquid fuel as it was, and the flame bottle state To Furthermore, when a fireman who got caught up in a little explosion and panicked saw the mouth of the liquid fuel bottle on hand is burning, I thought about throwing it away, as a result of spinning the bottle, as a result of spreading the flame That's why.

Do not imitate a good child ... ....

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