Antivirus software does not work for 80% of malicious software

For example, it may be spyware, a worm to extract personal information, a Trojan horse to make your PC a steppingstone, or any kind of malicious software, the threat of so-called "malware" anyway Anti virus software only has 20% effect, the rest 80% can not defend the reality.

The details of the impact are as follows.
Eighty percent of new malware defeats antivirus: ZDNet Australia: News: Security

According to a survey by AusCERT, Australian Computer Emergency Response Team, representative anti-virus software is said to be "not working". In other words, if 10 malicious software came, 8 of them will come into your computer.

The reason why such a thing happens is as follows. First, it is necessary to check whether malware (malicious software) creator can detect it by using the latest version of various representative antivirus software, confirm that it is not found, and then distribute it Because it is. That means anti-virus software measures are taken.

There are also reality that 60% of new malware is not found by antivirus software makers. Because we have not found it, we can not take measures.

So what to do with it, you still have to rely on existing antivirus software. This is the same even if we introduce software specialized in spyware. The era of "Since safeguard software is resident so it's safe!" Has ended long ago.

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