The strongest antivirus software in the first half of 2010 is decided

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Fake security software "Security Tool" wreckedAlthough the other day talked about, it is also said that anti-virus software which accounts for most of the market share did not correspond to this "Security Tool" as one cause that this damage expanded. In other words, while there were people who helped thanks to having antivirus software in it, there were a lot of infected people even though they had software.

So, what anti virus software should we use together? Testing agency of anti-virus software "AV"The result of the virus detection test carried out in August 2010 was announced, and the excellent anti-virus software of the first half was revealed.

People who have not been infected this time, please also check what kind of software is on the top if they are infected and thinking of transferring software.
[PDF file]AV Comparatives On-demand Detection of Malicious Software

AV carries out a regular "virus detection test" twice a year. In addition to viruses, worms, Trojan horses, bots, scripts and so on, total of about 900,000 kinds of malware are detected, and software is evaluated by correlation between the detection rate and the false detection number.

The following 20 software was used for testing.
·Avast! Free Antivirus 5.0.594
·AVG Anti-Virus 9.0.851
·AVIRA AntiVir Premium
·BitDefender Antivirus Pro
·EScan Anti-Virus 10.0.1058.677
·ESET NOD 32 Antivirus
·F-Secure Anti-Virus 10.50.197
·G DATA AntiVirus
·K7 TotalSecurity 10.0.0040
·Kaspersky Anti-Virus (a)
·Kingsoft AntiVirus Pro 2010.07.27.193
·McAfee AntiVirus Plus 14.5.113
·Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1963.0
·Norman Antivirus & Anti-Spyware 8.00
·Panda Antivirus Pro 10.00.00
·PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus
·Sophos Anti-Virus 9.5.1
·Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
·Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus + 17.50.1366.0
·Trustport Antivirus

By order of detection rate, the first place was 99.9% with G DATA, then 10 products ranging from F-Secure, e-Scan, Panda to the seventh place were 99% units.

◆ Detection rate ranking
No. 1: G DATA (99.9%)
No. 2: Trustport, AVIRA (99.8%)
No. 4: McAfee (99.4%)
No. 5: Avast, BitDefender (99.3%)
No. 7: F-Secure, e-Scan, Panda (99.2%)
No. 10: Symantec (98.7%)
No. 11: ESET (98.6%)
No. 12: AVG, Kaspersky (98.3%)
No. 14: PC Tools (98.1%)
No. 15: Microsoft (97.6%)
No. 16: Sophos (96.8%)
No. 17: Norman, K7 (96.6%)
No. 19: Trend Micro (90.3%)
No. 20: Kingsoft (80.1%)

Also, the number of warnings issued for uninfected files has been ranked as follows. It means that the number of erroneous detections was less than the high order.

◆ Lack of false positives ranking
No. 1: F-Secure (2 cases)
No. 2: Microsoft (3 cases)
No. 3: BitDefender (4 cases)
No. 4: eScan (5 cases)
No. 5: ESET (6 cases)
No. 6: PC Tools (7 matches)
No. 7: Avast, Symantec (9)
No. 9: AVIRA (10 matches)
No. 10: Sophos (13)
No. 11: G DATA (15 cases)
# 12: AVG, Trustport (19 items)
No. 14: Trend Micro (23 cases)
No. 15: McAfee (24)
No. 16: Kingsoft (45)
Ranked # 17: Kaspersky (46)
No. 18: K7 (50 cases)
No. 19: Norman, Panda (98 cases)

And when it arranges by the scan speed it becomes like this. The tests used are the uninfected files used during the above false positive test.

◆ Scan speed ranking
No. 1: Avast (17.2 MB / s)
Second place: AVIRA (15.1 MB / s)
No. 3: Panda (14.6 MB / s)
No. 4: Symantec (13.3 MB / s)
No. 5: AVG (13.0 MB / s)
No. 6: Trend Micro (12.8 MB / s)
No. 7: McAfee (12.3 MB / s)
# 8: BitDefender (12.1 MB / s)
No. 9: F-Secure (11.9 MB / s)
No. 10: K7 (11.7 MB / s)
No. 11: Kingsoft (11.6 MB / s)
# 12: Sophos (10.6 MB / s)
No. 13: G DATA (10.3 MB / s)
No. 14: Kaspersky (9.8 MB / s)
No. 15: PC Tools (9.7 MB / s)
No. 16: ESET (9.6 MB / s)
No. 17: Trustport (9.4 MB / s)
# 18: eScan (8.9 MB / s)
No. 19: Microsoft (5.9 MB / s)
No. 20: Norman (4.4 MB / s)

Among these numerical values, those with a detection rate of 98% to 100% and false detection counts within 15 are given "ADVANCED +" rank. It was "ADVANCED +"9 products of G DATA, AVIRA, Avast, BitDefender, F-Secure, eScan, Symantec, ESET, PC Tools.

Products with a detection rate of 95 to 98%, false detection counts within 15 cases, or detection rates 98 to 100% and false detection counts 15 to 100 are ranked "ADVANCED". This corresponds to 7 products of Trustport, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Sophos.

Following it is "STANDARD". The detection rate is 90 to 95%, the number of false detections is 15 or less, the detection rate is 95 to 98%, the number of false detections is 16 to 500, the detection rate is 98 to 100% and the number of false detections is 101 to 500, Norman, Two products of K7 apply.

If the detection rate is less than 90% or the detection rate is 90 to 95%, false detection of 16 cases or more, detection error rate of 95% or more and 500 or more erroneously detected are classified as "TESTED". Trend Micro and Kingsoft are applicable.

Fake security software "Security Tool"In case of anti-virus software being installed, it is reported that infection has occurred, so let's install anti-virus software with as high performance as possible. Especially, if you are using software reported that the detection rate is not so high in this ranking, you might as well watch out.

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