"Dropping / losing is inevitable" and the rumored Apple "AirPods" drops down quickly & the movie which I tried underwater test was released

Apple's wireless earphone which became available for purchase in Japan in December 14, 2016 "AirPodsIsShortfall from shortly after releaseIt is continued. A movie that has gotten such AirPods as soon as possible and has been tested by drop test and submersion with haste has been released.

AirPods Drop & Water Test! Secretly Waterproof? - YouTube

The harsh test with AirPods that arrived shortly is based on the YouTube channel "Everything AppleProPhilippe who has released. IPhone 7 wearing a neck Together with the original earphone of the Lightning cable specification included in the neck, we are carrying out tests to drop AirPods from various heights and try washing and submerging.

◆ Drop test - From the height of the pocket
First of all, it is thought that it happens frequently, I tested the situation that AirPods falls from the trouser pocket to the case as well. From the height of the belt ... ....

ぽ い っ

Case that "Casshern" plays a hard sound and rolls. The lid is not open, and the AirPods who entered inside did not jump out.

The shock that the scratches are attached to the corner part due to the shock of the fall

Next, Phillip, take out only AirPods ... ...


AirPods which dropped with "Kachan" in a slight noise

When set in the case, it was confirmed that the LED lamp was on and working without problems. It seems that it does not work well at about this level of falling.

◆ Drop test · From the height of ears
It also seems likely to occur here, testing the situation where AirPods falls from the position of the ears. First of all I started off from dropping every case.

A lid opens with the shock of the fall and it scatters AirPods.

A slightly larger scratch attached to the case than before. However, this may not be a problem.

And I will drop only AirPods from my ear position.

Charging started when falling into the case even after the fall, playback of music also no problem. Practical problems are totally low.

◆ Drop test - From the height of the ceiling
Further tests are to increase the difficulty level and drop it from the height of the ceiling. First of all let's drop the case ......

Of course the lid opened, the contents scattered violently. Philip says Philip 's analysis, "I made the color white, it might make it easy to find the scattered AirPods." It may be coincidence, but it certainly seems to be easy to find.

The result is neither charging nor playback.

This time a test that drops AirPods alone.

There are no major scratches, no problem in operation. Because it is a very light body, it does not seem to get much damage at some falling.

◆ Washing test
The next thing I tried was a "laundered" test that seems to happen in real life. Let's test both iPhone 7 genuine earphone and AirPods here.

Put plenty of detergent ......

Input clothes

And also put in two earphones

I wash it for about 30 minutes as it was

Earphones that became irritated because you see it in the back ... .... I certainly do not want to witness the sight.

When I take it out, the wired type earphone is tangled with Kucchacus. It can be said that it is an orderly result.

AirPods came out in the case.

When the lid is opened, the LED lamp lights up and it operates without problems. It seems quite durable.

And what, just put in the dryer next to it.

Approximately five minutes later, when I took it out of the dryer, of course wired earphones entangled and wrapped.

Philip of the reaction "Oh !?" when I listen to the sound. Although it sounds as it is, it looks like it is working while water and heat influences appear, with a pattern that turned into a slightly binary sound image.

Speaking of AirPods, on the other hand ...

There is no problem in operation itself. There seems to be no problem connecting to the iPhone.

When listening to the sound, it means that there is no change at all here. Although it is not officially sung, AirPods seems to have durability that will not break in some washing.

◆ Water immersion test
Next to the laundry test, it also carries out a test that makes it submerge firmly this time. Water for the prepared bucket ... ...

Both case and AirPods Donbon. I left as it is for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, when I looked at the iPhone, AirPods was connected. As I tried playing the music, it seems that music has been heard from the faint water.

Take it out of the water and wipe it well ... ...

When setting it in the case, charging does not seem to have any problem.

And about the sound quality of the ... ....

"Apple well done, it's a Goo sign with two thumbs," Phillip tells us no problem. In any case, I wanted to see the test "How long do you wiggle your head?", But for the moment it was a test movie that you can see well that it is "generally safe to drop".

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