Buckling back panel will be mass-produced all over the world on impact shock performance test of iPhone 8 in back glass

In recent years, when new smartphones are released, not only performance and design, but also physical strength such as impact resistance and wear resistance has been increasingly tested. If the new iPhone which is an exceptional existence among smartphones is noteworthy of being high in attention all over the world, the iPhone 8 falls all over the world to investigate the shock resistance of iPhone 8 which adopted the glass on the back Tests are being conducted.

Durability test of household appliances SquareTrade which exposes many movies compares the shock resistance of iPhone 8 · iPhone 8 Plus · Glaxy Note 8.

SquareTrade iPhone 8 Breakability - YouTube

About Apple iPhone 8 series I'm selling recruitment of "the most solid glass of smartphone history" Is it true?

That's why we experimented with impact resistance. Let's drop it from a height of 6 feet (about 180 centimeters).

In the test dropped with the back side down, the back panel of the iPhone 8 has been damaged.

iPhone 8 Plus is back-up.

Galaxy Note 8 is supposed to be miserable. The rear glass model seems to be unbearable for the height of 6 feet (about 180 centimeters) for all three models.

Next, a test to drop from the height of 6 feet (about 180 cm) with the display down.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

Galaxy Note 8. Again the result was that the surface should not fall off from a height of 6 feet (about 180 cm).

Next is a test that uses a huge pachinko to catch smartphones.

The smartphone will be thrown out at about 22 M / h (35 kilometers per hour).

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

Galaxy Note 8

Finally, putting it in a special box and turning the box round box for 60 seconds.

Inside the smartphone can be hit on the wall many times.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

Galaxy Note 8

As a result of the above test, iPhone 8 "67" shock resistance performance by SquareTrade. The larger the score, the greater the risk of breakage.

iPhone 8 Plus has higher risk of damage than iPhone 8 "74"

In Glaxy Note 8, the front bezel was curved glass and it was disastrous and it was rated as "80" and the most damaged in the 3 models.

The breakdown of the evaluation in each test is as follows.

Next is a movie comparing iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus by YouTuber's TechRax.

iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 Plus Drop Test! - YouTube

In the test that dropped multiple times from the height of the line of sight, the iPhone 7 Plus (left) and the iPhone 8 Plus both broke the display glass into a splash. Regarding the display surface, it is said that there is not much difference between the old and new models for ease of damage.

However, as to the back side, it is rare. The iPhone 8 Plus which adopted the glass has the expected result that it is fragile compared with the old model.

In addition, TechRax has also tested the durability of iPhone 8 Plus elsewhere.

iPhone 8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test - YouTube

Test that adopted a mysterious situation "It will inadvertently drop the hammer".

Finally, I hit the screen with a hammer.

Despite several hammer attacks, the result of the surprise that the touch panel functions even when cracks have entered the display glass.

Of course, it will not function if you hit the level where the liquid crystal breaks.

The back panel after hitting with a hammer is this street.

As for bullying smartphones, JerryRigEverything who has tested a lot of smartphones to the right so that there is no one to go out right has dared to do the harsh stress test of iPhone 8 as expected and has released a movie on YouTube.

iPhone 8 Durability Test - BEND TEST - Glass Scratch Video! - YouTube

JerryRigEverything, the leader of smart phone stress testing, is testing on iPhone 8 on the release date.

Test that scratches the screen with needles with different Mohs hardness.

A visible level of scratches was found at Mohs hardness "6".

Nonetheless, a cutter knife or ...


The display glass which does not get scratched even if it gets cracked by the key has practical scratch resistance performance.

Home button and ......

FaceTime camera (front camera) is also highly durable.

The cover of the speaker hole is made of metal. Compared with the fact that general smartphones use textile materials, it is said that Apple's commitment to durability is apparent.

Even if you scratch the back of the glass changed with a cutter knife ......

One scratch is not attached.

The LED flash covered with one glass is also not easily scratched.

Mike is also protected with a metal mesh, JerryRigEverything gives a high rating.

ISight camera (rear camera) which adopted sapphire glass strong against scratches.

It does not seem scratched by the cutter knife degree.

It is said that scratches will start to stand out with a pen with a Mohs hardness of 6.

Although it seems that deep scratches will appear at Mohs hardness 8, the rear camera cover seems to have necessary and sufficient durability in practicality.

Testing the display with a lighter 's fire.

The liquid crystal panel darkens with heat, but ...

When the fever is over it is restored.

Finally familiar "bending test by bare hand". Even if you try to bend by touching the back panel of the glass with the thumb, the housing will be distorted, but it will not break and the glass will not be damaged.

Even if you hit your finger on the display surface.

In iPhone 7, the display panel floated up and it was certified as "destroyed", but the iPhone 8 has cleared the folding tests brilliantly.

Mr. Jerry Rig Everything cuts off the boundary between glass and aluminum with crackling.

The secret of the high durability of iPhone 8 is said to be in the plastic frame which is used as a cushioning material between glass and metal.

It seems that a new case has been sent to Mr. JerryRigEverything of the durability test from Anker of the accessory maker, "Try this protection case".

iPhone 8 DROP TEST !! - 'Most Durable Glass' Ever? - YouTube

JerryRigEverything who has Anker's confidential work "Shield + Case Dual Layer Heavy Duty Protective Military - Grade Certified Protection".

It is divided into a plastic outer cover and a rubber inner cover, and seems to be structured to absorb shock well.

So I will compare the durability using the naked iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 protected with Anker case.

First of all, a drop test that reproduces a common scene, standing up and dropping with a smartphone placed on the knee.

Drop test 1st time

Naked iPhone 8 is almost intact.

Naturally the iPhone 8 with cover is safe.

A test that makes it fall down casually from the palm in a standing state.

The naked iPhone 8 has scratches on the corners. However, both sides of the glass panel are safe.

Two smartphones also endured the test of flipping out of the palm.

Test to drop the side down.

Finally the glass panel of the naked iPhone 8 is damaged. A crack ran toward the home button.

Continue the test. Test to drop from the palm with the back side down.

Taking out the Anker case iPhone 8 ......


The naked iPhone 8 which had cracks already broke the display cracked.

And the glass panel on the back is also tender. The power of the protective case was shown a lot.

Anker iPhone 8 with case continues the test. Even if the drop test is repeated from a place higher than overhead ...

Intact. In order to protect the glass panel, the protective case seems to be said to be a reliable presence.

Anker's case JerryRigEverything tested is on sale on Amazon.com. At the time of writing the article was sold at a sale price of $ 10.99 (about 1200 yen). It is said that this case also corresponds to the wireless charging with the iPhone 8. Although the precious glass panel will be invisible at all, it seems to be good for those who wonder if it will be attached to a love machine.

Amazon.com: iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 7 Case, Anker Shield + Case Dual Layer Heavy Duty Protective Military-Grade Certified Protection [Support Wireless Charging] for iPhone 8 (2017) / iPhone 7 (2016) -Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

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