What is the secret of the strength of "Gorilla Glass 3" that was powered up from the level of atomic structure?

Corning, which provides glass panel "Gorilla Glass" used for iPhone, is equipped with the latest model "Gorilla Glass 3(Gorilla Glass 3) "at CES (International Home Appliance Show). By providing "Native Damage Resistance", durability is improved against scratches and cracks. It is totally new glass composition, it is said that it is enhancing durability at the level of atomic structure.

Corning Launches New Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance

In the first place, it is easy to understand why the glass breaks the latest official movie released today by Corning, the manufacturer of gorilla glass below

Why Glass Breaks - YouTube

Although there is an image that glass is easy to break, in fact the strength is higher than other materials. However, the surface can be scratched and cracked easily when pressure is applied. Therefore, Corning has realized the manufacturing process that human hands and other things do not touch the glass so that glass can not be scratched.

In addition, the surface is subjected to compressive stress by ion exchange treatment, it seems that scratches are less likely to be formed than ordinary glass. For this reason, Corning's glass is not easily broken.

Also, compared to other similar tempered glasses, how severely scratches are strong can be understood blatantly when seeing the official experiment movie below.

Scratch Comparison: Alternative Aluminosilicate Glasses and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 - YouTube

From left to right are ordinary glass · Competitive company similar glass · Gorilla glass 2 · Gorilla glass 3, and as you apply force simultaneously at the same time ...

As the power to add scratches became stronger, each glass was destroyed in order, and finally only the latest gorilla glass 3 survived. It means that the durability against scratches has been demonstrated more than other glasses.

And you can see a demonstration demonstrating the strength of gorilla glass 3 at CES with the following movie.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Hands-on CES 2013

I am experimenting how strong it is by hitting a metal ball against the gorilla glass 3 set on the table.

Even if you try applying pressure using a machine ......

no problem. This demonstration is taking place in Las Vegas from January 8 (Tuesday) to January 11 (Fri) of the local time.

Also,EngadgetAccording to the gorilla glass 3, the resistance to scratches is three times higher than before, the visible scratches are reduced by 40%, and the strength after scratching is improved by 50%.

If this new gorilla glass 3 is adopted, the new iPhone and other smartphones released in the future will be more durable.

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