Corning, which made iPhone's "Gorilla Glass", launches the new "Corning Willow Glass" ultra-thin flexible glass

Glass flexibly bending while it is durable, thin and lightweight and cost is low and ridiculous glass "Corning Willow Glass(Corning · Willow · Glass) "will be released from Corning. Corning is a manufacturer who is making hard-toughened tempered glass "gorilla glass" that is adopted for Apple's iPhone 4 etc.

Corning Display Technologies | Corning Willow Glass

Corning releases super thin sheet flexible glass | Business Wire

This is ultra thin flexible glass "Corning Willow Glass"

Current trend of liquid crystal display is "thinner and brighter", "glass" covering the surface as a part of the technology to realize it has also evolved, and with the advent of "Corning Willow Glass" this time As a result, the screen becomes brighter and easier to see, and because it has flexibility and durability it becomes harder to break.

For example. By "Corning Willow Glass" which is 0.1 mm thin, if you wrap a gorilla glass that is only 1 mm, it will not crack even if the 45 gram weight falls and hits it.

Because it further improves cost efficiency, it becomes cheaper or because it is thin, it is expected that further thinner and lighter smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, e-book devices and so on will appear in the future. Moreover, it is possible to improve the function of the touch sensor.

Why is the cost cheaper because it can be manufactured like a rotary press that prints newspaper?

You can see that by watching the following movies.

Corning Willow Glass for Roll-to-Roll Processing - YouTube

In fact it looks like it is manufactured like this

In other words, due to the practical application of this flexible glass, devices such as displays, E-paper, flexible displays, etc. that can be wrapped around in the future will be realized.

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