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A long-established store of Kyoto's classic souvenir "Yatsubashi"Shogoin Yatsuhashi general head officeWhenMagical Girl Madoka ☆ MagicaMadoka (Kyo Masafu Limited Drawing Down Illustration Edition) will be on sale as the live Yatsuhashi collaboration "St. Matcha Assortment". This was held in September 2012Kyoto International Manga · Anime Fair 2012When we collaborated with the company in Kyoto and Manga · Animation Industry in collaboration, we sold the live Yatsugi bridge "Saint (Ichigo taste)" drawn as a collaborative product with a depiction of Kimono Madoka Illustration. Since it was popular, as the second collaboration Things to be done. The background of the illustration is the image of bamboo grove in Sagano. Sales stores will be on sale from January 12 at Kyoto International Manga Museum, Animate Kyoto Store and Animate Avanti Kyoto Store. The price is 630 yen including tax with 10 pieces of raw Yatsu bridge.

© Magica Quartet / Aniplex / Madoka Movie Project
Original: Naoto Nakamura / Finishing: Shaft

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Mango is huge and there is too much presence "Mango burger" Taste review - GIGAZINE

"The presence of a prejudiced proof that the homosexual tendency comes out as the depiction of a female lead type progresses, making normal sexual intercourse psychologically difficult" - GIGAZINE

I went to see him because there was a shocking figure in Guatemala - GIGAZINE

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Adobe on Twitpic on Twitpic

I just drew that I was told that it was a serious tsundere on Twitter!

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Keyboard "Announcing the Key That You Needed the First" wwwwwwww - Livedoor Blog

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Biological clock 25 hours was a lie! : Nikkei Business Online

"In this hundred and two hundred years there is no change in the essential function of human sleep. Even now, even in the past and the different countries, the sleeping hours that people need are not much different Statistics were taken in various countries and the actual sleeping time is an advanced country, the average value is 7 hours 40 minutes to 50 minutes.A short person is around 3 hours, a long person is 11 hours It is a normal distribution as described above.It is sufficient when it is enough that you are asleep, but the problem is that many people have difficulty adapting sleep to the lifestyle of modern society "

What is a system with "negative absolute temperature" «WIRED.jp

Researchers at the University of Munich announced that they succeeded in creating a system with "negative absolute temperature". Explanation of its meaning.

Current affairs dot com: 4 out of 6 sleeping disorder = "Mars travel" experiment, in 1 year and a half

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Remote criminal "Correcting life though innocence" Resentment against police - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Multiple guys taking pictures of cats, PC remote control incident on security cameras - Society

The joint investigation headquarters analyzed the memory card attached to the collar, "When I was involved in the incident before, my life was greatly corrected and I canceled the mail so I will not send anything more than this "The gimmick was readable to read sentences such as.

IBM mass layaway, finally litigation "No need to come out tomorrow" (boss) (1/2) | Business Journal

Teacher delivers meal with cheese Tokyo / Chiba city allergy girl sudden death - MSN Sankei News

According to the municipal board of education, the meal of the meal on the day was a Korean style okonomiyaki with a cheese.

President 27 people, internal betting golf ... Kawasaki Heavy Industries subsidiary: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: students in municipal high school suicide, corporal punishment in the background or the Osaka municipal board of education to investigate - society

The current situation of the defense system that Japan can not intercept long-range cruise missiles destroyed by "first wave saturation attack" of Chinese missiles

Toyota US lawsuit, Japanese laws are loopholes (deep in depth): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Message" as seen in handover to the Korean arson started in China: Members of the former House of Councilor Kotaro Tamura + (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News

United States Secretary of State Clinton returns to public service, "Helps to protect" Helmet gifts 3 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: show policeman's notebook, claim to shop Kyoto police officer, disposition of police chief - society

Deputy Prime Minister Aso "NHK is aware that Prime Minister Abe is" uplifting "well, but if you do not uplift, you say" We are not weak? "New speed (` · ω · ') Mikubuku Chu

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Processing ○ Feelings of kitchen wakww w / flow velocity VIP

Who continues to increase "○ ○ boys"? : Nikkei Business Online

The best security in Japan thanks to community power | Relay column by foreigners living in Tokyo | Columns & Blogs | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Arrested a 34-year-old man who prostitted the mid-2 boys "I spoke with a super public bath" - Golden Times

Discover and rescue people who are likely to slide near the Ninth five-tail scale - Preparation guide for beginners of Fuji climbing clothes, belongings, equipment

As you can see, this harsh snowy Mount Fuji, and early in the morning, I can not believe this dress.

Clearly, if this victim slides his hands and feet, it gradually slides down a few hundred meters while accelerating the snow surface, crashes into the exposed rocks and the like at a tremendous speed, probably it will become Gushagusha and die.

Acquire Constraints - Resident Early Training Materials

Twitter has been successful so far, you can paste images, you can write long sentences as much as you can, easy to use links and messages, Twitter aiming for more convenient features, now almost disappears did.

In any way, when you use something with constraints, users will be caught in the head. How can we use it more conveniently for constrained services before using it? What should we devise in order to achieve better results within the constraints? Results of thinking and ingenuity created are accumulated as experiences for users.

US men who won a million dollar lottery International news poisoned after 1 month: AFPBB News

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KDDI, dark cloud drifting due to successive communication obstacles | Company | Toyo economic online | Business site for new generation leaders

DoCoMo, Junior only Sumaho Release Launch "Functional Restrictions" for Children's Growth (1/2 Pages) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

Series 34th Why did YouTube not save music | Musicman-NET

How to install Nagios with Apache pear with Plack - blog.nomadscafe.jp

【UX Design Failure Study】 Three things that developers want to make "best user experience" this year - Engineer type

[Image] The list of criminal arrestees is amazing wwwwwwwwww: Untitled document

High speed filter with GPUImage! How to make iOS camera application (1) ~ until fantagram is made ~ | blog that gnawed apple

Smaho born, "Heterogeneous" stationery's big hit | Trend | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leader

Why do you make the website HTTPS slow down the site and let users escape - While shooting and moving forward

Why is "Watering Hole" type attack effective? | Trend Micro Security Blog (Trend Micro Security Blog by virus analyst)

Four ways to keep the development team growing continuously | ShareWis Blog

Recent development environment: Mosh, z, tmux, Emacs, About Perl - naoya's Hatena diary

"FFmpeg 1.1" released, enhanced Opus support etc - SourceForge.JP Magazine: full of open source topics

Proceedings of patent office system development steadily gets stinky - novtan annex

With this, it is easy to install Windows 8 upgrade | 56doc blog

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Gallery painter girl - masudapiroyo.com

I've been reading one piece now: Abdominal collapse news

Temporary middle school library librarian who bothered to lightly paint the illustration of the book by gluing the page with paste - Togetter

Are you talking about animation by Kikuchi Akoguchi? It is! Jazz Melka 2nd Holding - I like books! Book News - Book news site operated by the reading guide "I like books!"

Leisure person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Social game company "It gains profitability if you capture customer's competitiveness, vanity, shakeout mind" "Loricon erotic image sells out" - Livedoor blog

Glee, overage charge for minors "background response" Background: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Pokemon Direct 2013.1.8 | Nintendo
Today from 20 o'clock.

Oyaji manga magazine's corner "Manga Sunday" wastefully decided "Signboard magazine could not bear the deficit ... ...." (1/2) - daily Saizo

December 2012, to be abandoned in March 2013 by "Manga Sunday" (business practice publisher), which was just celebrated in the finale by Mr. Tatsuo Nitta's serialized over 24 years of age It became clear.

The setting of "Lucky Star", Washimiya Shrine's 3 rd shrine visitors are 470,000 people for the third consecutive years: same number: Moe Ota news bulletin

FINAL FANTASY XIV "A New Beginning" - YouTube(From 5 minutes 25 seconds later the new movie)

【New Program Preview】 Beast Electric Squadron Kyoto Ryuga - YouTube

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【Nakagawa Shoko】 Annual income of Shocotan (27 years old) wwwwwwwwwwww Catch Homepage

"Snake Flight" David R. Ellis Director, Death of the Age 60 Years Old Japanese animation was planning the realization ... - Cinema Today

Actor Masatoshi Sato died "Independent God Fleet" Actively in movies and TV dramas - MSN Sankei News

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"SQUEEZE (Squeeze)" (MXH-CA200) which realized the canal type headphone clear sound of shaved aluminum is released.

Support overcoming children's vegetables dislike! "I want to eat with children! Ketchup with crumpled vegetables "New release all over the country from Friday, March 1

"Okinaku Oden" from FamilyMart "Kim brother" Konmi Yuichi supervised "Waka Eclectic" Oden Dane "Cheese Contained Chicken Dumpling" released! It is!

Nippon TV "Usage of downtown 's brat! It is! Absolutely no laughing hot-blood teacher 24 o'clock "collaboration deployed!

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