Samsung officially refuted to the test "Galaxy S6 Edge is less durable than iPhone 6 Plus"

Samsung expressed objections on Samsung's latest smartphone "Galaxy S6 Edge" which resulted in "enduring weaker than iPhone 6 Plus" as a result of the durability test. Again, Samsung runs its own tests and is showing the state.

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About Galaxy S6 Edge,SquareTradeYou can understand the state of the three point bending test carried out by the following article if you look at the following article.

Samsung's "Galaxy S6 Edge" turned out to be more flexible than iPhone 6 Plus - GIGAZINE

And the state of the three point bending test to Galaxy S6 Edge & Galaxy S6 by Smasung can be confirmed in the following movie.

[Galaxy S6 and S6 edge] 80 lbf Three-Point Bend Test - YouTube

"Let's conduct a so-called three-point bending test on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge"

The purpose of this movie is not to destroy the phone but to show how Samsung smartphone is designed to be durable against physical forces. Samsung is doing durability test like movie 3 point bending test before and after the release of new products.

"Three-point bending test" is a test that applies force from the top to the central part while supporting the smartphone at both ends as shown in the figure, how much the terminal bends (stinging) when pushing force, after releasing the force , It will check whether it returns to the former.

Even a pencil that breaks easily with one can not be folded at once unless you bundle five pieces and apply about 80 lbf (about 36.3 kg) of force.

Let's actually test the durability of five pencils.

As you add power, the pencil got stiff ... ...

I broke at 79.73 lbf (about 36.3 kg). In other words, to be able to withstand the power of 80 lbf (36.3 kg) is supposed to be durable enough to withstand the large force common in daily scenes.

The durability test is finally started. Firstly from Galaxy S6.

Installed so that the display is on top.

I gradually increased the magnitude of my strength, exceeding 80 lbf.

This time even with the display down.

After the exam, Galaxy S6 has no damage and you can understand that you can use it of course.

Galaxy S6 Edge subsequently reported as "weaker than iPhone 6 Plus".

As before, first from the display surface.

Strengthening the force, exceeding 80 lbf.

Also on the other side.

80 lbf over.

Three-point bending test ended on both sides, but the display was not damaged.

Of course, it can be used as usual.

Samsung criticizes SquareTrade's three-point bending test as "under 110 lbf (50 kg) in special conditions that can not happen first in everyday life". That is, Apple announced the bending phenomenon of iPhone 6 PlusAn objection that "an extremely rare case"The same purpose. According to Samsung, Samsung insists that the force added is 66 lbf (about 30 kg) even if you sit with your smartphone in the pocket behind the pants and SquareTrade's test is nonsense.

Also, regarding the contents of the experiment, SquareTrade pointed out that only the display surface is tested and the strength of the back surface is not shown. "Some smartphones have different durability on the front and back, so we should also test the back side."

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