Nexus 6P is "easy to bend" "No, it is hard to bend" Opinion of direct confrontation erupted

Occurred at iPhone 6 PlusA claim saying to bend in a pocket (so-called "bendgate" problem)He calls up a big topic, and smartphones equipped with a large screen that will be released after that are all being tested for bending strength by users. Google's high-end smartphoneNexus 6P"From the viewpoint that" it is hard to bend with high strength ", there is a direct opposition opinion that" it is easy to bend as if it is a joke ", and discussions are actively being made as to which is correct.

Google Nexus 6P bend test video | BGR

"Nexus 6P is a girl even if you can fold out," this is a movie that controversializes the strength of Nexus 6P.

The Nexus 6p is a Joke! Bend Test - Scratch Test - Burn Test - YouTube

It is to investigate the durability of Nexus 6PJerryRigEverything.comMr. Zacks Jerry Rig.

It seems that he has been durable testing big screen high end smartphones of major makers such as iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S 6 edge so far.

First of all, scratch test.Mohs hardnessScratch the display with protrusions of 10 stiffness according to the scratch, and check the scratch strength.

Crisp the screen while increasing the strength in order of the number 1.

The seventh was marked with a distinct scar as visible on the display.

Of course all scratches will enter after that.

Nexus 6P adopted gorilla glass 4, and it was confirmed that there is some durability against scratches inevitable in daily life.

The problem occurred when checking with the protrusion of the last tenth "diamond". When I pressed the display with a finger, a big crack occurred on the diagonal.

Next, an experiment to cover the display with the lighter's fire.

Nexus 6P continues to operate even when burned with fire.

When we finished getting foggy, the part that was exposed to fire turned white turbid. It is said that this white turbidity does not disappear even if the screen is turned off.

Furthermore, it is an experiment to attach cracks and scratches to the metal unibody which is the feature of Nexus 6P with a cutter knife or key.

Scratches attached to the metal seem to be able to be rubbed off with fingers if it is small.

The glass of the characteristic rear camera part that protruded ... ...

The pattern is high enough not to scratch the cutter knife.

"Well then, do it?" Finally the time of the bending test.

Grab the Nexus 6P with both hands and apply force while pressing the liquid crystal display upward with the thumb up from the bottom ... ...

It is very easy to "letter to".

The display is back-up.

ZacksJerryRig criticizes Nexus 6P's lack of endurance, such as "My younger sister can easily be bent," "It's just like a joke," and so on.

According to ZacksJerryRig, Nexus 6P's low durability against bending tests is the lowest among the various large screen smartphones including the iPhone 6 Plus.

However, against ZacksJerryRig's report, objections are spurring around bulletin boards such as Reddit. Many of them said, "In the test of ZacksJerryRig, the scratch test has been conducted before the bending test, and the display with cracks on the diagonal lines is done with the durability of the display dropping greatly." There is a doubt that the durability of the display was also deteriorated. "It is said that the test has been carried out in a state where the durability has been largely lost before the bending test, and it is not a fair.

A movie that "Nexus 6P is not hard to bend" has been released so that it counterclaims straight from this ZacksJerryRig's movie.

Nexus 6P's bendgate uproar came suddenly,BGRAs represented by media such as "ZacksJerryRig's exam is problematic" is conspicuous. Regarding the bending strength of Nexus 6P, it is not clear until scientific test results are obtained, but as far as the above-mentioned movie is concerned, Nexus 6P says, "In the state without scratches it will not bend so much even if you apply strong force with both hands In addition to "the fact that the strength may be greatly reduced if there is scratches on the display" I remember the loss is unlikely.

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