Bezerores' new model 'iPad Pro' can not pass the torture test, and caution must be taken for ease of bending

The new iPad Pro which adopted the Face ID and removed the home button was further thinned to a thickness of 5.9 mm, but the resistance against strength seems to be weakened. JerryRigEverything published on YouTube with a "torture test" that scratches a smartphone with a cutter knife, scratches with a needle, blows with a lighter's fire, checks for bending resistance with bare hands, tested the new iPad Pro, It is in the figure.

iPad Pro Bend Test! - Be gentle with Apples new iPad ... - YouTube

New iPad Pro, 11 inch version and the new Apple Pencil.

Instant opening.

The past Apple Pencil said "It was a foolish specification to plug it into the terminal's Lightning port and charge it," Jerry said.

The new Apple Pencil is not only affixed to the side of the iPad Pro with a magnet, but also wireless charging is possible.

Steve Jobs reminds me of the iPhone announcement event that I talked "Who would want a stylus or something?" To remember nostalgically.

However, since it became a magnet & wireless rechargeable from a mystery specification that puts it on the bottom surface, Jobs may barely allow this.

Mr. Jerry who starts to overcase the new Apple Pencil immediately. Rubber-coated soft nibs are easily scraped off with a cutter knife.

Bending test

I almost broke like a pencil.

The reason for breaking easily is that the coil for wireless power reception is built in the vicinity of the center. When a force is applied in the bending direction, it seems that the structure is such that the stress concentrates in this part.

Mr. Jerry will remove the cover of the plastic crisp.

I will also peel off the inner metal paint with crackling.

Built-in lithium battery also planks with pliers ......

The liquid jumped out something. Such behavior is dangerous, so it seems better not to imitate it.

Finally, test of the new iPad Pro. First of all, paste paper tape on display ......

Write a number.

Rub the display with a needle with Mohs hardness corresponding to the number and check the resistance of the scratch.

Slightly scratched at number 6, and clearly deep scratches from number 7. The display was confirmed to be coated with a very thin glass rather than plastic.

Since the glass also covers the front camera, it seems to be said that it is relatively strong for scratches.

The side part is grubby with the blade of the cutter.

A part covered with plastic appeared in the center part of the right side face.

This is a hole for wireless charging, the aluminum case seems to be cut at this part.

The bottom surface changed to USB Type-C is also frustrating. The iPad Pro is covered with an aluminum frame.

There was a microphone hole on the left side. This hole will later produce tragedy.

Gully the back with a cutter knife.

I am painting.

Completion of Spider-Man dedicated to Stan Lee . In addition, the buttons are made of aluminum material, and the quality of the aluminum protective film of iPad Pro including the side and the back side is very high "The comfort is good".

A rear camera specially protected with sapphire glass is also crisp with a needle.

Sapphire glass was able to withstand level 8 and it was found to be more scratch resistant than the display part.

"Fire burning" test which touches the display surface with the lighter's fire for 10 seconds.

It became dark black, but ...

It was restored soon. Since iPad Pro is a liquid crystal display, its resistance to heat is high.

Lastly the customary "bending test". With the display facing upward, when applying force with both hands ......

I broke up near the center easily.

It seems not to put much effort, but it will fold backwards.

The display surface is backed up.

When putting force in the opposite direction, it is more backed up.

The back panel has a clearly broken line.

According to Jerry, "Speaker Hole" and "Wireless Charging Unit" in the center of the side seem to be weak points in strength.

When the panel easily disengages, a thin battery packed tightly from the inside appeared.

It seems that the speakers installed at the four corners are impressive.

Unlike " iPhone 6 Plus " which became a topic that iPad Pro is easy to fold, there is no danger that a great force will be added by being placed in your pocket. However, in case of getting into a bag with a point, just in case, it seems better to prepare thoroughly with a protective case etc just in case.

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