HTC Flag Ships Maho "U11" with beautiful glass design and highest performance cameras Why did not you clear the folding test?

"Edge sense" which can be operated by grasping on a beautiful glass enclosure, furthermore exceeds Google's PixelReceive the evaluation of the world's best smartphone camera from DxOMarkHTC's flagship smartphone receiving extremely high evaluation "U11". YouTuber 's famous Jerry Rig (JerryRigEverything) who is famous for adding U11 to "torture" called a durability test when a new smartphone comes up is testing. From the results, U11 failed to clear the torture test. Jerry Rig (Jerry Rig Everything) considers the reason.

You can see how Mr. Rig tortures U11 in the following movie.

HTC U 11 Durability Test - Scratch, Burn, Bend Test FAIL! - YouTube

New item U11 taken out of the box. Start torture by peeling the protective film.

I confirmed that it works without problems.

The back of U11 (right) overflowing with the glossy feel that HTC calls "Liquid Surface Design". Like Samsung Galaxy S8 (left) of the glass enclosure, it is a beautiful design.

Rear side is mirror level spec of the level where the coin shines clearly. U11 has the unique beauty of the glass enclosure.

First of all, scratch (scratch) test. Paste the tape with numbers written from 2 to 9.

This is Level 3 scratch tool. The higher the level, the harder the Mohs are, the easier it gets scratched, and test how much the glass surface can withstand the scratches.

Mr. Rig scratching scratching to scratch it scared.

The result is that it can withstand Level 5. This result is the same as iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 etc. U11 which adopts Gorilla glass 5 was found to have considerable scratch resistance.

As for how levelful this Level 5 is, it is a level not attached with a single scar with rubbing the key. In daily use, almost no scratches will be attached except for special conditions such as rubbing with fine sand.

Scrub the fingerprint sensor part visible with glass material with a cutter knife.

I got hurt myself. The fingerprint sensor does not seem to be Gorilla glass 5.

Although it is a fingerprint sensor hurt with crackling, there was absolutely no problem in the accuracy of fingerprint authentication.

While the front is covered with glass, the speaker part is made of fabric material.

Fiber appeared when scraping with gorilla.

However, the front camera part is not scratched specification. Mr. Rig gives a high evaluation that HTC U9 of the former model is a great advance compared with being scratched.

The rear camera is also not scratched.

However, because the LED flash is a plastic cover, it is full of scratches. According to Mr. Rig, the Galaxy S8 is made of glass that is scratch resistant up to the LED flash.

But LED flash is a trivial problem. It was confirmed that both front and rear are protected by reliable glass which is very strong to scratches.

In addition, scratches are attached to the edges of the metal naturally by cutting with the teeth of the cutter.

The home button was also made of metal and scratched.

Mr. Rig sharpens with grinding while complaining that the headphone jack is gone.

Although I got hurtful on the side, I grasped and manipulated the edge sense was alive.

Subsequently, the fireproof test with the lighter 's fire.

The greasy part became dark with soot ... ...

Restore it in about 8 seconds.

There is no problem with both display and touch operation on the display. The burn test is clear.

Final barrier bending test.

Enclosure that bends as soon as you put power into it.

I was twisted like this.

The display is still displayed normally.

Now we can put the power from the display surface.

With the sound of Pakipaki, the glass panel emerged.

The display is destroyed and the folding test is not cleared. It was sent to the so-called "shame shelf" where the losers who could not clear the torture test by Mr. Rig were gathered.

The back panel glass seems to be durable.

Gorilla glass cracked in a row in a bent part, cracked overall. The liquid crystal under the glass has also been destroyed.

By the way, Mr. Rig who has taken out HTC U Ultra that cleared the torture test several months ago. The glass on the back is in a state of tranquil but it is in a state that it resists bending and there is no problem with display operation.

According to Mr. Rig, it was in the plastic cushioning material placed between the glass and the housing that separated the fate of both.

Rig explains with scraping off the cushioning material with a cutter knife. U Ultra escaped shame's shelf by preventing the destruction of glass and liquid crystal panel by plastic layer absorbing impact and escaping force.

On the other hand, U11 seems to have been unable to withstand the bend test because the glass and the housing are directly affixed and the rigid structure can not let out the force.

Mr. Rig who evaluates the attitude of pursuing the beauty of HTC itself. However, since it is the front model U10 that is strong against bending, people who want more durability should choose U 10 instead of U 11. In exchange for beauty, the point that it becomes easy to fold or the earphone jack is gone may be evaluated as "retreat" to the user who emphasizes durability more than anything.

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