"ASUS ZENBOOK UX 301 LA" photo review adopted gorilla glass 3 on the top board

ASUS UltraBook "ZENBOOK UX 301 LA" which adopted gorilla glass 3 on the top boardASUS's new product launch "WE TRANSFORM"Since it was exhibited at, it touched with haste.

It is the gorilla glass of the top board that catches the eye. Sapphire navy color.

The back side is made of aluminum.

USB 3.0 terminal, Mini display port, SD card slot on the right side.

On the left side, power jack, USB 3.0 terminal, micro HDMI terminal, microphone / earphone component jack.

The thickness is thinner than the previous model, even the thickest part is 15.5 mm.

On the glass of the top board, the surrounding scenery is clearly reflected.

OS is Windows 8. Resolution of liquid crystal is 2560 × 1440 for UX 301 LA-SIS, 1920 × 1080 for UX 301 LA-BLUE.

Although the keyboard has a shallow stroke, the keying feeling is good, and it is a feeling that it is a flagship model of an ultra book as expected.

The palm rest is processed with fingerprints not attached, and it feels good to touch so that comfortable typing seems to be possible.

360 degrees Beautiful chassis from any direction.

ZENBOOK UX 301 LA is equipped with the Haswell generation Intel Core i 7 - 4500 U, 8 GB memory, 13.3 type touch screen IPS liquid crystal, 512 GB SSD (256 GB × 2, RAID 0) for UX 301 LA - SIS, 256 GB SSD (128 GB × 2 , RAID 0) storage has been adopted. UX 301 LA - SIS will be 269,800 yen and it will be released after late November, UX 301 LA - BLUE will be 2290000 yen and be released in early December or later.

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