Drop endurance test of "GALAXY S III" and "iPhone 4S" Which is more durable?

in JapanNTT docomoFrom June to July scheduled to be released "GALAXY S III (S3)"Apple's"IPhone 4SWhich is more durable? A movie that performed a drop test called "YouTube" has been released on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4s: Drop, Kid, Car Test. - YouTube

One of the two telephones falls and falls and it will break

So we decided to drop two cars at the same time from the height of the ears when actually talking.

Clash while resonating early sound

Hu, Slow Motion

First of all from iPhone 4S. A part of the corner seems to have been hurt.

The back is safe, the surface is safe

On the other hand, GALAXY S III is a plastic so its back is intact

However, cracks on the front glass using 'Gorilla Glass 2' which should be stronger than 'Gorilla Glass' adopted for iPhone 4S.

Did you make it too thin by the strength increase?

Take it back to the next test. One of the four smartphones my parent owns suffers from sudden damage by children.

That's why children actually throw them

A horrible momentum to crash

Truly iPhone 4S also covered with cracks on the back

But the front is intact

In contrast to GALAXY S III the front is intact

But the back cover has come off

And in the last test, one in 15 people will break the phone in and around the car.

Leaving smartphone to the back of the automobile ...

Two units to start suddenly and fall

The iPhone 4S scratches this degree

GALAXY S III also undamaged on the back

But the front is full of cracks ... ....

There is also a movie that made a drop test by just dropping it like this "just because it was just a bad place for this experiment" because it was just "It is not because of the bad place of this experiment," and furthermore "back" "side" "front".

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S Drop Test - YouTube

Drop test with "GALAXY S III" and "iPhone 4S"

First let's drop the iPhone 4S from the back


Scratches around here

But otherwise it is safe

Next from the side

Although this neighborhood was hurt, it was safe

The side volume button can also operate properly

Finally I will drop it from the front of the liquid crystal surface


There was a crack indeed and it broke

The display itself no longer appears. However, although the glass part protecting the liquid crystal was crushed, it seems that the display is reflected at first.

The back also cracks. However, the touch panel is still operable, both the home button and the lock button are alive.

Next is finally GALAXY S III. First I will drop it from the back.

Good luck

The extent to which scratches slightly entered around here

no problem

The display is intact

Next I will drop it from the side


Little color ...

Like this.

If you look closely it is cracked in the lower right

The back is intact

And last, falling from the front with liquid crystal



I got the cover on the back

What is that?

The result is like this

Cracking splendidly. "The screen cracks (rather than when the screen is dropped with its side down), nothing appears on the screen, the touch panel does not show up, you can not operate ... .... Ah, it's still half but the back cover is Although it got out, I will be restored. " Also, "Samsung (GALAXY S III) has few cracks, but the touch panel is completely hoarse, the screen does not move (does not shoot), and the lock button is likewise completely violated."

That is, even though "GALAXY S III" adopting the latest "gorilla glass 2", it is not invincible.

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