Samsung takes a durable bending test of Galaxy Note 4 against the iPhone 6 Plus

"IPhone 6 Plus got crooked"The ripple spread around the world with the movie appearing, and also that the iPhone 6/6 Plus is weaker than the traditional iPhone" bending "Experimental resultHas appeared, Samsung is not sure whether it is just here or not, but I released a movie introducing the bending test of the new smartphone "Galaxy Note 4".

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus - YouTube

Buttocks are strong. Perhaps, it is more powerful than we think.

If you leave things in your pockets in the buttocks, things may bend.

For example, a wallet.

It depends on things, but it will bend easily.

The credit card also turns.

Fork is ... ... It is unknown why such a thing will be hidden in your pocket, but it may bend.

It is dangerous if you put your smartphone in your pocket.

So how about Galaxy Note 4?

No problem. Galaxy Note 4 is "strong".

How much is it?

Let's demonstrate with three point bending test.

This is an experiment in which a force exceeding 250 N (about 25 kgf) is applied to the center of Galaxy Note 4.

You can see that the central part is bending considerably.

However, releasing the force returns it. Galaxy Note 4 is "strong".

This time, it is an experiment assuming a scene where a person steps on with the liquid crystal screen facing up.

I try to press the LCD screen of Galaxy Note 4 with the model of the ass wearing denim.

In this experiment it is said that a person with a body weight of 100 kg recreates that it steps on several times.

Although it is a Galaxy Note 4 that can be treaded over and over, the LCD screen does not bang.

Galaxy Note 4 is hidden in durability against large forces.

From here we start advertising Galaxy Note 4.

"The Galaxy Note 4 is big, thin and light, but it's" strong "after the promotion.

Galaxy Note 4 with a large screen of 5.7 inches is a rival of the iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, with the iPhone 6 Plus caught up in the Bendgate disturbance, Samsung would like to appeal the high durability of Galaxy Note 4.

However, this experiment is not based on a third party,I've got 'lucky' performanceBe careful as to what Samsung himself did.

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