Potential of Japan's soft and power that the Ao Mario of the Rio Olympics fascinated

An unprecedented surprise that the prime minister of a country dresses as a character of a popular game. At the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics held one week ago, a handover ceremony to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 was held, and Mario and Doraemon also appeared in the video of the presentation, not only in Japan, but also made the world a big boost.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Popular Japanese characters in the world such as Mario, Doraemon, Kitty, Pacman, Captain Tsubasa, who came in the closing ceremony video. That's right. I have seen all of them overseas as well.

◆ handover ceremony
The first Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in South America. The Japanese team won 41 most medals in history. The archipelago was very exciting. And closing ceremony. The Olympic flag will be handed over to Tokyo where the Olympic Games will be held in 2020. At the same time, a spectacular performance to convey the charm of the Tokyo Olympic Games to the people of the world was held.

【NHK Rio】 Expected to rise to 2020! TOKYO SHOW - YouTube

3 minutes 17 secondsEspecially the image part starting from the one called the echo.

First of all, there will be a spectacle of sports events to be held at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In between these moments, Japanese characters popular overseas will also appear.

In addition, Kosuke Kitajima and Naoko Takahashi of the female marathon pass by red swimsuits that look like Hinomaru, and finally to Abe 's prime minister. Here also Kitty (Hello Kitty) and others appear.

The prime minister who sat in the rear seat of a passenger car who left the National Assembly building is concerned about the time.

The troubled Prime Minister has turned into Mario.

Mario to get Doraemon to drain the pipe connecting Japan and Brazil, and jump into it.

A clay pipe also appeared at the venue of Rio, and from the clay it seems that the prime minister who wrapped up in Mario 's costume came out, in a sudden appearance.

I put a red ball connected from Japan on the head overly towards the audience at the venue.

Mario, Doraemon, Kitty, Pacman and Captain Tsubasa came out in this video. It is a Japanese character popular overseas.

◆ Mario
Mario dressed as Prime Minister Abe is a game character representing Nintendo. From game of side scrolling action game ("Super Mario Bros." series) to racing game (Mario Kart), mini game (Mario party), puzzle (Dr. Mario), any game will be popular if you do Mario. On the contrary, I also use characters such as Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Mario is also a popular person overseas and has seen various scenes so far.

Mario and Rockman who were shoes for Panama's private house. I was doing something elaborate with dot picture.

Wall art unexpectedly stopped foot before the capital of Ecuador Quito. I had a slightly bad face.

Mario and Yoshi were drawn on the wall of the Chile game shop.

Here is also Chile, the mini figure of the character whose items are coming out in the Mario series.

Clay pipe and Mario were in Argentina's game shop. If connection is bad, chances are that the Prime Minister came out from this clay pipe!

1UP mushroom that you can become happy if you find it.

The Brazilian game shop store was decorated with illustrations at a glance showing the flow of the Mario series.

Mario was at a gas station in Italy is a bit strange.

Wall art in Iceland is perfection degree enough to say it is a work. The world of Donkey Kong which is said to be the Mario series was the stage. Is the surrounding monster Pac-Man?

Taiwan McDullnard's happy set toy.

◆ Doraemon
Doraemon is a cat-type robot that came from the future of the 22nd century. I will help elementary school students with a future tool, no matter what they are called Nobita. Overseas it was particularly popular in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Doraemon is also very popular in India. The illustration used for cookies was also the figure of cricket which is Indian popular sport again.

The figure drawn in Chinese commercial vehicles is the figure that hesitates the favorite dorayaki.

In Malaysia it is used arbitrarily for advertisement of consumer finance ... ....

Bank of Thailand who is using Doraemon campaign.

◆ Kitty
Kitty is Japanese cat character who makes a dream with Doraemon. In the video of the Olympic Games, I waved bonbons in the form of a cheerleader. Presentation embodying "Kawaii" in Japan. I do not choose a country that works like a job. It was a character loved by people abroad as well.

It is also adopted for toys that come with McDonald's Happy Set in Morocco.

The Malaysian decoration bike was Kitty chan. The kanji "cat" is beginning to appear.

Also confirmed its appearance in the windows of Columbia's cliff building.

Kitty chan shop with fancy appearance was also open for shopping mall called Dubai Mall in Middle East Dubai.

There was a shop of Kitty who has pink in Taiwan as well.

◆ Pacman
PacmanIs an arcade game announced in 1980 by NAMCO (now BANDAI NAMCO). It was also listed in Guinness World Records as "the most successful arcade game machine" and was selected as "the 100 greatest video games in history" announced by Time magazine.

Advertisement that was listed next to the road in Mexico.

It seemed that Pac - Man was eating pizza for the signboarded in Kosovo 's pizza store. There is also an anecdote that this pizza shape became a trigger for the birth of Pac-Man.

Captain Tsubasa
It is surely a comic here to imagine being cried as "club of Japanese soccer cartoons". Many children crazy about Japan and overseas,Professional player who started football as longing for captain TsubasaWe are also active in a lot.

Captain Tsubasa character was drawn in Italian can juice.

As a result of examination, this is "Misugi kun." There were canned juice where other players were drawn.

◆ Japan's soft power
I never thought that Japanese culture has penetrated abroad until so far as to travel. Every time I find a Japanese character, my chest bursts a bit. The world is connected. I also met a strong man who said, "I learned Japanese when I saw animation ...".

·Indonesia: Pasted on a net cafeRurouni KenshinPoster.

·Portugal: Sound is Japanese, closed caption in PortugueseInuyashaAnime was on airing.

·PeruThere was a cartoon information magazine like a sports paper in the kiosk of the town. This issue was serialized in Weekly Shonen JumpBLEACHIn the feature collection, I was doing projects that sticked considerably to the introduction of 100 major characters.

·Chile: "The Simpsons"Simpson family and"Neon Genesis EVANGELIONAyanami Rei.

· Oman: Magazine rack "Gintama"There was silver's face and I doubted my eyes. I was surprised because it was a local shop in local cities.

·France: Advertisement of "J-ONE" television station "one piece'Luffy and'NARUTO - Naruto"Talismannalto is used. It is a company that deals with Japanese animation on satellite broadcasting and cable TV. French was the most popular manga and animation in Japan in Japan.

·Thailand: It was drawn on a canned drinkMasked Rider V 3.

·Nepal: Naruto, not a long agoNinja HuttribuinIt seemed to be popular. I also did TV animation.

· Ukraine: Presence in the local marketSaint SeiyaYaAttack on TitanCartoon characters such as.

· Mongolia: If you are walking in Ulaanbaatar in the capital you are rain sheltering from the rainTotoroDiscovered.

Manufacturing in Japan is slowly declining gradually due to industrialization in developing countries. If the ballpoint pen is 20 yen per book, T shirt one piece 300 yen, the globalization world will push down the price of everything. Price competition with countries where personnel expenses are cheap is somewhat harsh.

However, simply adding a character to existing products will be released from price competition. Japan has a lot of such characters. "I wanted to show Japan's soft power with the help of Japanese charactersPrime Minister Abe also said that. I think that it is such a character business that will help Japan in the future.

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