Do not make me feel weak, the chicken (chicken) seen in Guatemala is cool

A chicken who came into Guatemala and jumped into her eyes. The mascot character of the electric shop deployed throughout the country was like a superman. To a chicken. The top brands of beer are also chickens. And the first thing to mention is the Fried Food of Fried Chicken. As a Japanese convenience store, there is a store in the busy street. Thanks to Guatemala's eating habits of chicken. Cooking using chicken meat came out not only in the fast food but also in the general dining hall.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. In Guatemala we entered from Belize, we were chasing only chickens. There is no day to see chickens in Guatemala.

◆ Fried chicken
Speaking of flight chicken in Japan "Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)" is famous but I did not see it in Guatemala. However, there seems to be a store in the capital. On behalf of Kernel Sanders' uncle, a cute chicken mascot chain shop was crowded with Guatemala.

I often saw "Pollolandia"

"Pollo Express"

"Pockey" with the same spelling as Japanese sweets

"SUPER CHAPINCITO" in local cities Xalapa.

"POLLO GRANJERO" in the same building as the hotel I stayed at

In these stores fried chicken and potatoes are in the hot showcase. Set menus are easy to understand, but there were shops where orders can be ordered separately. Spanish chicken feet (drums) are Piella, chicken wings are ara and the difference in price is also. I put it in my car in front of the storetortillaIt was a sight that I saw frequently in Guatemala that a girlfriend lady who sells is sitting.

A set of fried chicken 2 pieces and salad. 17 quetzal (about 215 yen).

A set of fried chicken, potato and salad. 16 quetzal (about 205 yen).

A flyer that was at a shop.

While the fast food of fried chicken covered above is a small store, "Pollo Campero"Is a large store. Is it the size of McDonald's in the suburbs of Japan? I seemed to be able to use Wi - Fi, so I tried it once, but I had given up on a full seat whether there was Easter holidays as well. The nearby Burger King comes with about 40% of customers. In the fast food chain of Guatemala capital there are shops in Central America other than home. On the contrary, we have been developing the world with the United States, Spain, China and Indonesia.

As I was running, a sign often appeared.

Store filled with full occupancy.

A cowboy style chicken is a mascot.

You can eat chicken dishes at the cafeteria not only for fast food but for auntie's doing.

Fried chicken set is 15 quetzal (about 190 yen).

With raw vegetable salad and rice, 18 quetzal (about 230 yen).

A stewed dish that came out at the market cafeteria is 13 quetzal (about 165 yen).

◆ From chicken to cock
Not only to eat, it is also an electric shop and beer mascot. This is also cool. That is not supposed to be a chicken 'Pollo', because a cock 'Gallo' is named Spanish.

Superman's pose.

"El Gallo mas Gallo" is an electric shop that you have always seen if it is a town of some size.

The neighborhood where this shop is located became a commercial area, everywhere was crowded.

It stands out on the main street.

And the top brand beer of Guatemala "Gallo".

This design is cool.

The signboard is also astringent.

Chicken making.

A huge figure appeared beside the road.

The signboarded in the bar.

It is the specification of "Gallo" until the building.

Not only this, there were chickens in Guatemalan everyday.

On the walls of the city.

Chicken broth soup.

Up to laundry detergents!

A chicken walking through the streets in the game "The Legend of Zelda" is a scenery of reality when it is overseas. I want to tamper with each other like a game, but when I do it in reality I will refrain from being attacked by locals, not chickens. Even though I stayed at an inn, it was Guatemala that I heard "Moss Kokokko" from my house next door.

I always look for food by kicking the ground with my feet.

Chickens with a wide range of actions not limited to their own garden.

Because I am living in the middle of town.

◆ Common to Central America
Not only in Guatemala but chickens were common in Central America, including Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Fried Chicken Fast Food. However, it is not as good as Guatemala.

Roast chicken in Belize.

Nicaragua's stewed chicken dishes are raised with raisins.

It is similar to "El Gallo mas Gallo", but in Costa Rica there was an electric shop called "Gollo".

While writing this article, I remembered that the local bus in Guatemala was called "Chicken Bath". This is also chicken. With such a feeling, the daily life of Guatemala was full of chickens.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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