Kamen rider · Yuru character · Prefectural governor also participates in "Machi ★ Assobi vol.10 Dodgeball Tournament"

It is held at Tokushima from May 3 (Fri) to May 5 (Sun)Machi ★ Asobi vol. 10"Is basically an animation event, so it is mainly the animation screening at the cinema, the talk show of staff and cast, the live etc. It is the main plan that was planned this time for the first timeDodgeball Tournament".

In the past"Pick-up type tag tagIn this event unique to Asobi, ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0Aoyagaras mavel, Until the governor of the prefecture showed up in the end.

The venue for the Dodgeball tournament flows through Tokushima CityShinmachi RiverCross overFureai bridge".

We have a Boardwalk on the south bank of the Shinmachi River and a Shinmachi River Shimbun Park on the northern shore, which is a cosplay area.

A line is drawn in the center of the bridge, preparations for battle are proceeding.

The tournament table looks something like this, all 14 teams participate.

The rule is divided into three teams of Uchino and one outfield with 4 teams of one team, and if we won 3 wins earlier, we advance to the next round.

First roundACRYLICSTABVocalsUYUMr. and a voice actorMaika Takai'S team will fight Gosho & Takei team.

Since both teams are short of people, I added helpers to the team from those I was viewing. The men's team is in the middle of a strategy conference.

The team that won the game by winning the scissors took the ball and started the game.

You can check the appearance of the first game in the following movie.

Machi ★ Asobi Dodgeball Competition First round - YouTube

A man dodge the ball at the last minute.

Ultimately both teams upgraded to a fierce battle, but it was Mr. UYU & Makiko Takai, who took control of this. A male team with the feeling that "it was done".

Team wrapped in a cosplay costume like Asobi "BowlEven participation.

A perfect metamorphosis mask of service

It is the team "COSPA"

Although the game is seriously contested, the game progresses in a peaceful atmosphere

The result that team won the team that won the victory.

Next comes from the Tokushima newspaper "Only here daughterTeam and "Euphor tableThe team's game.

Unfortunately my daughter just lost the first round. The ufotable team won.

Then "Hoshiharasha"When……

"NAMCO BANDAI Games"Will compete. This team is participating in the UFO table Kondo producer.

Bandai NAMCO BANDAI Games is originally quite high level whether he is good at Dodgeball or has practiced.

It was BANDAI NAMCO GAMES that won.

"Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet"ofChamberWhenKamen RiderTeam that appeared as a member "Joy Squirrel"

The chain bar seems to be quite difficult to move because the foot is too short.

Crawling chain bar.

The opponent "AniplexI was also being made fun of.

Although it was a mask rider who was moving swiftly at the beginning of the game, it was a problem of sight, or appearance that it got tired considerably after time passed.

Eventually the team Joy did not lose, but the venue was very exciting.

When I came to the semifinals,Iizumi KamonGovernor of Tokushima prefecture appeared.

Governor Izumi said that he led the "strongest prefectural government team".

The strongest prefectural government team will compete against the Machi ★ Asobi team as an exhibition match.

Members of the Association Team ★ Ashbi Team gossiping the balls thrown by Governor Izumi. Uchino is a convincing person if he is coming to Machi ★ Asobi that comic wave film Kawaguchi, King record Yamanaka san, Kadokawa Shoten Nishiyama-san, and outfield have Mouse Promotion Nayato san.

The strongest prefectural government team is good enough to say that he was practicing surely, a gore ★ falling into a pinch ★ Asso team.

Governor Izumi who hands with a look of affordability.

Machi ★ Asobi team also sticky ... ...

At the end, Mr. Nayato could not finish taking the ball and the game was over.

Governor Izumi who is full of victories over Dodgeball.

High touch with those who were watching.

Both teams shaking a handshake last.

The gore ★ Asobi team was also a great fight.

Finally, waving my hand to the audience who cheered me again, Governor Izumi went back.

Exhibition match also got excited, finally the final match. The reason why he won the race until the final was "Mr. Uyu Ms. Maika Takai" team and "Dice creative"team. Mr. Ukrainian Mr. Takai Maika The team is missing two members so we selected Melvel as a supporter from the audience.

The first game of the game which excited much more in the finals ... ...

Dice creative becomes dominant, and Mavel has one to remain.

It was a mavel that keeps fighting attacks ... ...

Eventually I hit the ball.

Mr. Maiko Takai of UYU Team can not be defeated. I will change the coat and aim for the reverse.

Maiko Takai who catches a quick ball quickly.

Dice creative takes 2 sets and is the champion to win the championship. As expected, the team following each other is exhausted.

Dice creative that keeps attacking for the victory.

Mr. Takai Maika UYU Mr. Takai desperately strikes the ball until the team loses.

The continuation of the final match can be confirmed from the following movie.

Machi ★ Asobi vol 10 Dodgeball tournament moment when victory is decided - YouTube

The winner was the Dice Creative Team. Machi ★ I did not expect to come to Asobi and move my body to this point, and though I was pretty tired, I was happy to be able to win.

Greeting the customers who cheered up to the end The battle that was long was finished

The final result of the tournament was like this.

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