How to memorize the seven countries in the elongated place in Central America

Most people are likely to find Canada, America, Mexico when looking at the world map, but how about Belies, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the other countries? There were parts that I did not even know until actually traveling. Belize that only faces the Caribbean Sea, El Salvador that faces only the Pacific Ocean. The US dollar is used in Belize, El Salvador, Panama. In Nicaragua where socialism is strong, Costa Rica, which often keeps pace with America, Panama ... .... There are differences as many as the number of countries.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I entered Belize on 15th March and ran about 3000 kilometers until May 18th to Colombia. I would be happy if you could tell me about travel stories and get to know about seven countries.

This is Central America's seven countries.

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◆ Belize
Capital city: Belmopan
Population: about 324 thousand people
Currency: 2 Belize's dollar = 1 US dollar (fixed)
Mileage: Approximately 277.63 km
Staying days: 5 days

There are seven countries in the south of Mexico, but only Belize is the former British colony. Therefore the official language is English. It is a small country that stands out with a small population, and it was also characterized that the ratio of blacks is high. In the AmericasPan American HighwayThere is a road traversing the north and south, but in North America it is not only Belize. Belize was also very different country in Central America.

Currency Belize dollar has the appearance of Queen Elizabeth is also the influence of Britain.

This Belize Dollar is fixed at 2 to 1 US dollars. 3 If you pay 2 US dollars (4 Belize Dollars) to buy Belize's dollar, 1 Belize's doll is fishing, so it gets a bit confused.

I entered Belize from Mexico, but it was a bit painful as the road surface was bad.

I found children playing in front of my house.

These children showed a nice smile.

Park in the center of Orange Walk which is the second city of Belize.

It is somewhat suspicious ride.

The sunset at Orange Walk is Orange.

At a place I stopped by a bit, I treated "Palm fruit".

The owner of the shop who told us that "riders and chariders will stop here well."

Previous article ""Paradise in the Caribbean Sea" I enjoyed "a single beach" with a cheese carder in Belize"As I said, I put a bicycle and went to the Caribbean island.

The center of the San Ignacio border with Guatemala. Surprisingly firm and surprising.

I feel the old British colony in such a wooden building ....

Around the Guatemalan border, a large number of tourists will disappear into the depths of the forest.

People waiting so much yet. Belize was also putting emphasis on sightseeing.

◆ Guatemala
Capital city: Guatemala City
Population: Approximately 14.71 million people
Currency: Quetzal
Mileage: Approximately 750.02 km
Days of stay: 17

Guatemala is easy to remember as Mexico's next. The region's largest population, which has about 147 million people, is full of presence. The ruins of 'Chichen Itza' and 'Uxmal' on the Yucatan Peninsula are connected as Maya civilization with the ruins of 'Tikal' sleeping in the jungle of Guatemala. Cheap prices are also attractive, and many travelers attending Spanish language schools in Quetzaltenango and Antigua Guatemala.

Currency Quetzal. Orange 50 Quetzal bills and red 10 Quartile notes are easy to mistake.

"I want to know for Japan in the coming future reality of a disparate society in Central and South AmericaWhile playing with the demo I encountered in "I was playing with my child.

me too.

It was deep inside of the northern part of GuatemalaTikalRuins of. It seems like a high-rise building.

As in modern concrete streets, Maya civilization was making stone townscapes.

"MAYA TOUR" is a bicycle that Guatemalan loves. Improved specification with front and rear carriers, air inlet and water bottle.

A boy caught at an inn in Santa Ana, the base point of Tikal ruins.

Girls also got messed up.

For a young girl who grew up.

Thus all over with the people.

Here is the path of Guatemala.

My aunt was out stalls for breakfast.

The city called Sanarate which was 100 km east of Guatemala City.

To a certain extent there was a supermarket called "Despensa Familiar".

A sign on the street's head.

"I will not say a weakling, the chicken seen in Guatemala (chicken) is coolAs I wrote in, it is Guatemala that the appearance of chickens is noticeable.

Children enjoy soccer at dusk.

Little children are playground equipment, are not they?

Shortcut to go through Guatemala City. Guatemala in the dry season is scanty.

Pass through Jalapa at an altitude of 1362 m to El Salvador. The northern part was lowland but the southern part is mountainous.

It is delicious as it is being covered with oranges like salt and pepper.

Mango Cup.

Supplies pineapple, watermelon, mango and fruits.

A drink called Manhar like cinnamon in a milkshake.

Yuka and Tin Chalopone. I think that it is one of fried pork on Yuka like potatoes ... ....

MexicantortillaThere were mostly mechanical and thinly stretched items, but Guatemala was just a thick one made by hand.

Also cooked with a thick tortilla such ingredients.

◆ El Salvador
Capital city: San Salvador
Population: Approximately 6.23 million people
Currency: US Dollar
Mileage: Approximately 294.68 km
Staying days: 5 days

El Salvador was the next to enter Guatemala. It is the only country that faces the Pacific side only in elongated Central American countries. Because there are only about half the land of Kyushu, the population density is also the largest in Central America. The four countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua are also politically connected, and procedures at the border are simplified. El Salvador is the most developed in these four countries. Just like Honduras, I felt bad public security, so I went with caution.

The currency is the US dollar. In El Salvador there was a 1 dollar coin that never got in the mainland of the United States.

The road was comfortable as it crossed the main road.

Pan American Hightway's "CA1".

A breath at the center of the capital city of San Salvador.

The distance to the border was immediately displayed with 179 km to Honduras.

It is hard to run many mountains.

Volcan de San Vicente with an altitude of 2182 m, I could breathe over to the pioneered skirts.

Break at shopping street.

The manager of a shop that got along well for a while is kind.

Cathedral (Cathedral) of the third city San Miguel (San Miguel).

main Street.

The Brazilian pharmacy (Farmasias Brasil) who was worried very much, and a chain store.

Pizza for 4 dollars (about 400 yen).

Beef rice with 3.5 dollars (about 350 yen).

◆ Honduras
Capital city: Tegucigalpa
Population: Approximately 775 thousand people
Currency: Lembyra
Mileage: Approximately 134.39 km
Days of stay: 1 day

It is Honduras that the majority of Mr. Charida will miss with a short stay. Since it is an inverted triangle landscape, I entered from El Salvador on the Pacific side and crossed Nicaragua at about 135 km. The Caribbean side is famous as a diving spot, but it is a scary place because it is a country with the world's highest killing incidence. As a citySan Pedro Sula has the world's highest murder rateIt has become. It was a 2 nd day trip, but this country felt the difference between rich and poor the most.

There is no coin in currency Lenpeira, all in banknotes.

A bridge over the border with El Salvador.

Looking at the river from above the bridge.

Central America is being traversed.

It is common in developing countries, but the cows are walking along the road.

Perhaps Jaws !?

The cheap hotel I stayed at Choluteca is 130 Lempira (about 660 yen).

One hammock of the Central American fraying item. Let's forget what you dislikes and make yourself jealous.

I was selling iguana on the roadside. It seems to eat and eat ... ....

◆ Nicaragua
Capital city: Managua
Population: Approximately 5.87 million
Currency: Cordoba
Mileage: Approximately 365.98 km
Staying days: 7 days

The country of Honduras is Nicaragua. Due to the socialist revolution during the Cold War, it has become the poorest country in the region. But it is strange to not feel as dangerous as El Salvador or Honduras. Ties with the leftist regime such as Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia are still strong now. There were Managua Lake, Lake Nicaragua and two big lakes, which was one of the canal candidate sites in Central America that lined up with Panama. In Central America it was rare and baseball was a thriving country and there were baseball stadiums and baseball supplies shops.

Route which passed was saved by many flat roads.

On the road there is also a bridge bridged by Japanese aid.

Sandwiched by Nicaragua Gal.

Dusk of sightseeing city Leon (Leon).

The cow which I saw in Nicaragua was chased by a cowboy style grandmother on a horse. The excited cow aimed at a man by the side and rushed. Men quickly escaped to the rock shadows, and the noise of the neighbor is in the voice of relief. As usual, it is a gentle cow, but I can not get rid of it.

Here is also a recommended Yura - ura chair when you want to slander in Central America. You can be jealous enough to become a habit.

Corn Ice is 10 Córdoba (about 42 yen).

This face is a trademark "Rojita" is a red carbonated juice loved by Nicaragua.

◆ Costa Rica
Capital city: San José
Population: Approximately 4.72 million people
Currency: colon
Mileage: Approximately 657.39 km
Staying days: 12

Next to Nicaragua is Costa Rica. It is popular among tourists in a touristic country as it is called Swiss in Central America. Besides the beautiful ocean which originated the name "Rica coast (Costa)", it is blessed with mountains and tourism resources such as volcanoes and sloths. But the price is also Swiss in Central America. I cried for food and food expenses higher than Japan and the United States. In Japan it is famous as "a country without armies", but it is certain that the police officers are patrolling in the capital and are not so relaxed.

Costa Rica banknotes with "Thompson monsters" as well.

Public phones in town are the same as developed countries.

the boys.

"Bimbo" of polar bear who cute with Mexican capital is also in Costa Rica.

The square of the capital San Jose.

Coca Cola district.

Downtown street.

I felt Central America in this mural.

Such aunt is quite in Central America.

Also in Chinatown for San Jose.

The hotel of the bargain I found in San Jose is $ 14 per night with breakfast. There was Wi - Fi in a large room where three beds are lined up, and it was comfortable.

The owner of the hotel is Aida.

I found a cafe called "Casa Manga" on the outskirts of San Jose.

With the appearance of this building.

Why do not you have tea while being watched by Goku.

Not McDonald's Donald, KFC Kernel Sanders.

Cafeteria's 2200 colon (about 450 yen) set in supermarket which was the only satisfied customer in Costa Rica with high price.

I was eating well because the ice cubes of the bag was about 25 yen per bag.

Passing over San Jose will cross over the pass.

Although it is not so tight, it climbed aloft and crossed the altitude of 3,300 m. It is the highest mountain in Costa Rica and has an altitude of 3820 m higher than Mt. FujiMount ChilipoI am passing aside.

Pineapple fields were spreading past the pass.

It becomes a field of Del Monte.

This is a field of oil palm palm oil can be collected.

◆ Panama
Capital city: Panama City
Population: approximately 3.4 million people
Currency: 1 Balboa = 1 US dollar (fixed)
Mileage: Approximately 533.39 km
Days of stay: 17

Panama, which entered from Costa Rica, is the last country in Central America and follows the continent of South America. There was also American boost, Panama is independent in Colombia in 1903. There was also the purpose of construction of the Panama Canal by the United States. Since it is influenced by independence, impression such as small America. Home center in a huge supermarket. If you recall the mug that I used in the hostel, it is huge size in the American specification. It seemed that the racial composition of blacks and Chinese lines was also watching the United States. In the capital city Panama City, skyscrapers stand side by side, and it is unexpectedly developed with Central America.

The 90 countries of this trip became Panama.

It was a Panama that rushed into the rainy season, but the weather did not collapse until that time.

""Central America's Singapore" is also not a dream About Panama which is definitely changing with economic developmentPanama Canal introduced in.

There are skyscrapers in Panama City.

Walking in Panama City.

Panama and Colombia are inland, but because the road does not pass through the jungle called Darien Strait, it is quite difficult to move on the road. 1. I had three choices, airplane, 2. yacht, 3. motorboat, but I decided to fly with time and convenience in mind.

Pack the bicycle in a stick bag.

Finally I will cross the continent to the last continent in South America.

◆ Summary
Belize: British colonies, the official language is English, the currency is US dollar, the country is facing the Caribbean side only, the smallest population in the region
Guatemala: the largest population in the region, ruins of Tikal, low prices, closely connected with Mexico
El Salvador: The currency is the US dollar, the country faces the Pacific side only, the population density is high
Honduras: The land is inverted triangle, the murder incidence rate
Nicaragua: the poorest in the region, the Nicaraguan revolution, the leftist regime, baseball
Costa Rica: Central America Switzerland, Sloths, High Prices
Panama: Currency is US dollar, independent from Colombia, Panama Canal, Central America 's Singapore, Small America.

From Charaderman's viewpoint, it is like this.

It is Central America which was not as clear as Central Asia, Former Yugoslavia, West Africa, but I will never forget him anymore. I think that I will never forget to link features and history, rather than memorizing each country as a symbol.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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