I visited Saint-Louis Island, a world heritage site where African-like African and French-style towns start from Senegal of the black nation

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When I leave Mauritania's capital city Nouakchott, I will enter Senegal. The long Sahara Desert is over and I am relieved that water and green will increase. And there were only black people around. Immediately enter the Saint-Louis Island where the French-style town where the world heritage is also registered remains. The first base in Senegal in France was here. And aim for the capital Dakar.

I tried summarizing the trip in the first half of Senegal that I encountered with a border that must be struggled with the chaos, a peaceful rural Senegal countryside, a vulture fishing vulture, a foot kick bike traveler.

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Saint-Louis of Senegal is around here.

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I leave Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott, and aim for the next country Senegalese border.

A town in the south of Nouakchott.

Country settlements. I have seen many such settlements.

There are trees growing in the desert.

Border Rosso is the last city of Mauritania.

I saw an elderly Italian man named "I was asked for bribes at the Rosso border" just before leaving Nouakchott. "No need to pay it, you do not have to pay" when asked, "No it was a problem it paid." But from his story it is certain to feel bad. The border between Mauritania and Senegal Rosso does not hear good rumors.

I arrived at Rosso, but when I enter the city a suspicious man will speak in English. Of course it is ignoring. But he guided the inn and managed to secure beds. Even so, he seems to be a good target, "500 Uigia to stamp out tomorrow, 5000 UG to ship," he said. The Gambier cried out to say such a thing is strolling around the city. Gambia, sandwiched between Senegales, is the former colony of England, so he speaks beautiful English. He informs him that "I am working here", "What are you doing?" And "I will show you foreigners who come here ...". There was no helping it to say "It works, even if it works, you are working on bad things." A smiley fellow calls out.

A city where goats and donkeys roll.

I will head to the border after 8 o'clock in the next morning. There are no ordinary people on the border of a decent country, but this is an ordinary person here. Those smelly came calling out, but I neglected everything for the time being. Because I need a departure stamp, I will deposit my passport at the immigration office. "1000 Uugia" and a moderate number of middle aged officials said so. I'm sorry. If you wait for a while without saying, another staff member says "Can you speak English?" I shook my head. "Let's push a stamp anyway" and we will press a gesture. Another staff continued to say "Your nationality", but pointed to your passport. "If so, I do not have a passport," the procedure is unlikely to proceed. "If you are a kindergarten child, manage someone who asks for bribes," if you answer "Japan" with a curse in your heart, afterwards you got a stamp pressed. As soon as my mind became clear, I went to say "Thank you Mauritania, thank you" to finish cleanly. There was really no problem until this was over.

I received a check of my passport more than 10 times at military and police checks on the main road in Mauritania. According to the old information, "It is necessary for insurance on your bicycle", "It is a souvenir for me what" What seems to be people with problems. However, there was nothing to worry about this time. Beyond that, there were people who were full of justice, saying "I write a few numbers so if there is something I will call here." That is why I was sorry that there was a request for bribes at the end of the last. However, this may be Africa.

Anyway, the First Kanmon gate broke through. Next you have to find a boat. A river flows in Mauritania and Senegal and it is a border. I was immediately told that "I am 5000 Uguia." Even though it is a distance that can be spent in five minutes, I will take 15 euros. As a result of thinking "Well, what will you do" for a while, negotiate with your own amount. There are many boats. As a guide book wrote 500 safer francs (currency of Senegal), put a bicycle and say "I can ride at 1000 safer franc (about 1.5 euro)". Because we changed currencies at the border, we can find the Saffer Franc at hand. And I got on that amount. It is a completely tiring border. By the way, I do not understand the translation at all, but it seems there is a public ferry, too.

Take the boat and cross the river.

Senegal is a country that is unusual in West Africa and does not require a visa. Entry was smooth and easily pushed the stamp.

From Mauritania, the first view of Senegal that appeared even more rough.

Senegalese who welcomed "Welcome to Senegal"

When entering Senegal there is water and green. As usual the sun is strong, but there is a good wind from the wooden shade and the sea, so it is easy to run. Because of the climate, Senegalese are brighter than Mauritanians. As you walk through the streets, light singing voices come into my ears. And I can often speak to you.

I will go through the rural settlements.

It is nice to have water. If there is water there will be fields and fields can be processed if there is a field. While running I saw a matrix of tracks full of tomatoes going to the factory.

Crossing this bridge you will enter Saint-Louis.

There is a tourist information office on Saint-Louis Island. A lot of tourists from Europe will visit Senegal.

This Saint-Louis Island is a small island floating in the middle of the Senegalese River. It is a large bridge with mainland and five arches, and it is connected with the opposite sandbanks and small bridges respectively. Since the first colonial city was built in 1659, it has prospered as a base in West Africa in France.

Street of Saint-Louis Island.

Here is also a mosque. Muslims are also widely believed in Senegal.

I saw three children aged 3 to 5 who were sitting around. I sing something hard with a book. I nodded when asking "who is the koran?" To a person nearby. The glorious peeling glitter is Arabic. I was struck by the way I was studying firmly.

Two old water towers.

French style cityscape.

The wooden frame of the outer window of the double glazed wind was definitely this way even in France.

The color of the flower that colors the pathway.

Green and flower walls.

Green, flowers and goats.

There are many boats in the river.

Air is not very good here because it is a sightseeing spot. "What is your name?" In the second sentence spoken to girls' groups around junior high school students "100 CFA" Please. As expected it pulled this. From foreigners = rich people 's schema, some people say "gold" or "something" as usual.

Crossing this bridge, we are going to the elongated sandbank peninsula.

Senegal River separating Saint-Louis Island.

Women collecting river water.

A big big ship on the bank.

The riverside also has goats.

This is the side of the sand.

Ma is eating.

The bustle of the market area.

A big tree and a town that had a nice atmosphere.

There is a goat in everyday life.

Lots of laundry stuck in the wind.

And I went out to the sea. Atlantic Ocean. Even if I saw the ocean after entering Africa, I did not touch the ocean. It is nice to touch the ocean here, but the waves wet the feet.

The house continues on the rippling, and many people live.

Here too many children are playing. He was floating on a boat made with empty cans and a hand-made kite on the sky. Small children will happily wave their hands as they pass by. Returning it with a smile makes the mind clear.

The fisherman's boat with the engine attached to the hull made from wood came back. I lay two boards at right angles to the boat to raise it to the beach. And pulling the tip of each one, I shift the boat to the beach and pull it up. Pull the tip and pull the board and the boat will get closer to the beach more and more.

Cats also catch fish.

This is a big bridge connecting Saint Louis Island and the mainland. I was just replacing it.

It seems to be completed when one more change. There is only one old arch.

Looking at the old arch near it is like this.

A new bridge is standby at the back of the bridge.

Old bridge is being carried ... ...

It is said to be dismantled.

Saint-Louis island floating in the estuary

This is the mainland side. It is 255 km from Saint-Louis to the capital Dakar.

Town, green and calming city.

I was making a new road.

The old Saint-Louis station building building.

I leave Saint-Louis and aim for the capital Dakar in Senegal.

The Senegalese who had been farming next to the shop where he stopped suddenly.

After I finished driving a day and secured bed, I walked around the rural area called Ruga.


I was baking meat.

Old building and Islamic mosque.

I will dye the quiet town in sunset.

Only a few cars and carriages slowly go and go on the road. There is no figure of a person being chased by something, and slow time is flowing here. A big African gathers on a small TV and watches football. The city of Ruga was very calm and peaceful.

I put a tent on the hotel.

I asked two other houses in front of this hotel, but it is expensive and it can not be helped. It was the same here, which was the last one. Suddenly "I have a tent, but can not you do camping?" And murmuring said "It's okay, it's okay" and it definitely develops. Even if I heard "How much does it cost," "I do not need money." Even if he begs as saying "Please do not pay, I will let you pay", "A good old aunt who says" Please stay in the hotel with money or just put a tent here " . Although it is a fine hotel, the back is made poorly, and I can not see the life that I can afford. But it seems there is room in mind, this correspondence was strongly left in impression. The last event was received somehow.

The road from Saint-Louis to Dakar was a beautiful paved road.

Chebuen. Rice and fish. It is a representative dish of Senegal where you can eat wherever you go.

This big bird! Is it?

Vulture was catching dead meat.

I feel Africa somehow.

I encountered a Frenchman planning to run 6000 km from Dakar in Senegal to France in 100 days.

There is no pedal even if it says to run. It seems to kick the ground and move forward. I am surprised at this.

I was pulling this trunk case and running.

The sheeps are sold in the market outside Dakar.

And I came to Dakar. I will settle in the suburban hostel. The crossing of the Sahara desert, which began in southern Morocco, is now complete.

Dakar, the largest city in West Africa, on the peninsula surrounded by the ocean is full of pleasant sea breeze. In Dakar I stayed for a long time due to sightseeing, choreography and rest.

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