I want to recommend as a traveler, a traveler in Nigeria surrounded by pure and gentle people

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. The backpackers who are going abroad do not travel in Africa. Even if I travel in Africa, I will only go to East Africa. I will not go to Nigeria when traveling in West Africa.

Because it is "dangerous" that it does not go to Nigeria, it is troublesome to obtain a tourist visa because it is dangerous. It is Nigeria that tends to be avoided somewhat, but it has its attraction as well. There have never been any countries that have such nice people. I was always surrounded by gentle people.

The capital of Nigeria Abuja is around here

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I stayed in Nigeria for three weeks. Began entering Nigeria from Benin's Ketou, Abeokuta → Ibadan → Ogbomoso → Mokuwa → Bida → Abuja → Lafia → Makurdi → Ogoja → Ikom → I drove out of Cameroon. I ran around Nigeria domestically enough, about 1500 km. I will get a visa for the next country in Cameroon in the capital Abuja.

The Niger River flowing through Nigeria. Both Niger and Nigeria are derived from the name of the Niger River. Apparently I read English in Nigeria, French reading Niger. I say Nigeria in French-speaking countries Nigeria.

Africa's population of 150 million is the country where the population lives, but the country is wide, so sometimes nothing greenery spread.

In Nigeria I ran along with my estate, who has been together since southern Spain.

It was also worried a lot by the Japanese embassy in Benin that "I want you to refrain from entering the country if it can do," and also to acquaintances "It's not dangerous, is it OK?" Because there are few travelers, the information coming in on the internet is unreliable and has only anxiety. That's why "Run for a while and see the situation" and it became a pair-run. On that basis, we chose a route to avoid Lagos as well as the southeastern part of Nigeria, including Port Harcourt, where evacuation recommendations are issued. The road was basically paved.

I passed through many cities.

In any case I tried hard and ran.

You must be careful about holes on the road.

I am running in the spectacular nature.

The road of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, was well maintained. There was Abuja just in the middle of Nigeria, the scenery which I have never seen has spread since it is a mountainous place.

I ran a bit of a dirt road as well.

Cross the broken bridge.

I will introduce meals in Nigeria. Nigeria version omurise.

I cooked rice which was said to Jirof as well as Ghana.

Joroff and soup also.

This is Standard Buffet. "Rice 50 naira, with 50 nyler after meat", roughly 100 nylla (about 50 yen) was a standard of one meal.

If there is, beans can be served.

Heavily rolled rice.

We ate local food as well.

I found frying tofu and the tension has risen. Unfortunately it was only once this time, "If you are happy that Nigeria may have tofu everywhere."

Two people to take a juice break at a restaurant. Jelly juice was 500 ml and 70 naira (about 35 yen) and it was quite cheap so I was drinking well.

We stayed at cheap hotel even in Nigeria. A tired cheap hotel.

A cheap hotel which was a single 2000 Naira (about 1000 yen).

There is no cheap hotel in the capital city Abuja, finally founded in the suburbs. In order to get a visa for Cameroon it was necessary to go to the embassy and we had to run about 15 km by bicycle to the city center of Abuja.

But the room of 2600 naira (about 1300 yen) was easy to spend.

The room is large. Since the water supply goes out, it was a nice thing to do if there was only electricity. There was no electricity during the day, and I was turning the generator at midnight. The power situation in Nigeria is not good.

I was puzzled by the border just because the rope was established. The office which gets a stamp on the passport is also away from the office, and the official also worried about the future with an arrogant attitude that "you brought what for you for Nigeria." When you run, you will be told that there are four or five unknown quests in 10 km and you are told "Do you have a yellow card (proof of vaccination?)" And "Why do you need to show it in the middle of such a way" I neglected and ran through. They are plain clothes. That was what I thought at the beginning. But gradually the number of checks decreased, even if there was even a uniform could be safe to deal with. I have often been taken to the police station frequently.

I was taken to the police station 5 times and checked my baggage and received a passport check. In the capital city Abuja, the police are the people who seemed to be ordinary people saying "I want friends to come and waiting for me", so it appeared that they were waiting. Only then was a bitter smile. It seemed like a normal person said "I am like FJI in Nigeria" I really laughed. Even so, it is annoying. Countries with poor reputation in international society such as China, Uzbekistan, Iran and others are hard to travel. Nigeria was also serious.

But I can not forget seeing lots of gentle Nigerian people. As long as I was running I guess it was called "Safe Journey" "Welcome to Nigeria" many times. A big old laugh at a passing bicycle "a man who looked good". A face with a nice little aunt raised his thumb to "Good Luck". Children crawl as much as jumping "Oibo Obo (probably foreigners' intention)". People in Nigeria looked better than anywhere.

I will introduce such nice people in Nigeria. This is the charm of Nigeria itself. I met men who used cow. Please look at this smile.

"What a fucking bastard, this cow is narrow," a cow that seems to be complaining. I've seen a lot of cattle before, but I have never seen a cow with such a wonderful corner.

They packed cows on a small truck and they went away.

I was stopped a while away from the house, but it was found.

I will come close to you.

Together with those people. "I am traveling from Morocco and aiming for South Africa - just half a month now, it will take another six months to South Africa" ​​I talked a little. I have passed through this in Nigeria. Although it is a lie. Because it is hard to explain from Japan. Even this is very surprising.

Such applause applauded them when they left and they sent me off. There was not this until now. My heart was filled with so much pure tenderness that I wanted to jump into the sea as "a bit of what". "I came to Nigeria where there are so pure people, I really thought that it was good." A child looking at somewhere with elbow on the bench.

If you are eating yakiniku on the roadside, people are being created, unusual. In other words, it is not uncomfortable, and even I can not even call out. It is watching warmly.

If I thought that the children of the school came over, if I set up a camera I went off. I am out of focus but it was a nice sight and I would like to introduce it.

Responsibility with a person with a good smile bike.

Speaking of motorcycles, you are overtaken by a motorcycle that is riding two people and three people. People behind the scenes looking around when overtaking. After overtaking the driver will also look back. Since that movement ran through from one to the next, I was laughing without thinking of the mysterious sight.

Interestingly, children are watching here.

I asked, "Let me take a picture of rolling that tire for a moment", but it was impossible. In West Africa we often see children playing rolling old tires.

A rainy season came and the eaves of a private house that I had shelter from the rain. The responsibility to show children the pictures taken together.

As it started to rain, I will start running again. Thank you very much.

Children who have good faces.

Suddenly it will be Nigeria that people will be created. I will cool down as if I have been attacked from a distance.

This is also surrounded.

I am taking lunch with Bukkake rice on the street.

Bukake rice is the job of a woman.

Energetic children.

The scene where Mr. Tori takes pictures.

A child who walks as he /

I was absent at such a place.

I was drinking juice. He is a green trainer with a creamy jersey and he sells juice at a store.

He said "Money is fine". I entered Africa and asked me to "get something" tired, but I was new to "I do not need anything". Even so, he is an ordinary Nigerian, not a life that I can afford to see. That is why I was excited about the kindness. That kindness alone was enough.

Together with him who was able to break in. I am playing on a bicycle.

When you take a break in another place, people gather and watch over you.

It is mostly surrounded by this feeling.

The responsibility in the center. It seems like a super star when you look at this.

Bicycles and children.

Children gazing from between the pillars.

Responsibility surrounded by children.

Young people called "just come over here". Chinchukurin 's buddies will become tough young people like them too.

"Next time I will take this," but what is this? What do you want?

"Hey you, do you want me too?" Old man who made a pose with a sugar cane. It's a little fun.

In a place that was too fun. When it was time to leave, I strongly waved as "Thank you for having fun". And I will say "Nigeria fun".

Here is lunch time. Again these are pretty children.

Girls who are very embarrassed are very good.

The composition of being taken a picture.

It is observed from the side of the building.

I will push a crowd and put a bicycle on the road saying "I will depart, yo."

"Thank you" waving hands and running. I have repeated this many times over and over. There were always people nearby in Nigeria. There are people nearby, but no one comes out in front. It was only gently watched. That is why I liked it. Every time I see a Nigerian, I will say, "I traveled in Nigeria but I had a lot of pure people."

I did not have such a fun country so I recommend it. Nigeria is not a country that can not travel. It is up to you whether to travel or not.

(Sentence / picture: Takuya SAITO @ Charriderman
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